He tells you he loves you but you don't feel the same

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Darry: he was your best friend since freshman year of high school, you always had this feeling he liked you but you put it aside because he was like a brother to you. He'd been acting different with you lately, being sweeter and touchier, you really didn't think anything of it until one day, you had stayed the night and when you got up the next morning Darry was sitting next to you in the bed, reading the morning paper. "Good morning (y/n)." He smiled and put down the paper. "So, I need to tell you something." You sat up and looked at him. He exhaled and looked at you. "I'm in love with you." He went to grab your hand but you pulled away. "Darry, I love you too sweetie, just not like that, you're like my big brother, I'm so sorry." You apologized but he stormed out and didn't talk to you for awhile.

Steve: you guys were at school and met up at lunch and walked down to the corner store together. Steve was being quiet which is totally unlike him. "What's up Buddy? Talk to me." You nudged him and he looked at you. "Stop (y/n), I'm not in the mood." That was totally unlike Steve. "Please tell me what's wrong?" You grabbed him. "I love you ok! I wanna be with you forever but I know you don't feel the same because Soda told me what you said about me being like your cousin, I'm sorry (y/n), I gotta go." He blew up and walked away, leaving you in a puddle of guilty tears because you didn't feel the same about Steve at all.

Two-Bit: You and Two were chilling in your room and you were flipping through a magazine, it was a bridal magazine because your cousin was getting married and she wanted your opinion on dresses. Two-Bit was looking at the magazine with you. "Ya know (y/n), you'd be one mighty fine bride." He winked and you smiled. "I think about my wedding day a lot, the guy I'm gonna marry, you know all that jazz." You looked at him and he smiled. "What if we got married some day?" He sat up more and you frowned. "But you're like my big brother Keith." You giggled and he got really quiet and didn't talk for the rest of the day and didn't say goodbye to you when he left.

Johnny: You were holding an ice pack to his lip while he laid back with one on his eye. His dad had gotten really drunk and Johnny had accidentally knocked over a cup and it shattered so his dad lashed out. Johnny was your closest friend and you loved him a lot, but you had a boyfriend and besides, Johnny was just a friend anyways. "Thanks for helpin' me out." He smiled at you from behind the ice pack. "Anytime sweetie." You smiled and stood up. "I love you." He blurted out. "I love you too Johnnycake." You giggled. "No (y/n), like I'm in love with you, you care bout me so much and I just love everything about ya, I want us to be something special." He said up and you felt tears in you eyes. "Johnny, I love you so much, but not like that, I will always want you in my life and we do have something real special, you're my best friend, ok?" You sat next to him and he nodded and hugged you, but he was real bummed out for the next few weeks.

Ponyboy: it was the end of the day at school and you were in a huge rush, you ran to your locker and when you unlocked it, a piece of paper fell out. You picked it up and the envelope read: "(y/n)" so you decided to open it.

Dear (y/n),
I've been meaning to tell you something for a long time now, and I wasn't sure how I'd tell you, so I decided a letter would be perfect. I think you're amazing (y/n). You're beautiful and funny and sweet and kind, yet you can watch over yourself and you're so strong. You're my inspiration and I admire you so much. I've realized recently... Honestly it wasn't even recently, I've known for awhile that I've fallen deeply in love with you. Everything about you is just so amazing to me and you lighten up my day and make me the happiest boy ever. So what'd you say (y/n)? Be mine?

Love Ponyboy

You were overwhelmed. Ponyboy was like your twin, you guys were too much alike and you felt completely different about him. "Hey (y/n)!" Ponyboy called as he walked up to you. "Look, I can't do this. You're my other half, my twin. I love you so much Pony, but like I love my family, I just don't feel the same and I'm sorry." You felt nervous and he nodded. "It's alright, I understand." He snapped and walked away.

Sodapop: it was the last day of school and Soda came and picked you and Steve up and you guys drove to the lake for a party. Everybody was drinking and you didn't like being around drunk people, so you and Soda swam around the river and laid on the bank on the other side. He kept staring at you but you didn't know why. "Why do ya keep lookin at me Curtis?" You giggle and nudged him making him fall over. "Because you're beautiful." He winked. "I know." You giggled. "No, (y/n) I'm serious! I think you're gorgeous and I've never felt this way about anybody before, not even Sandy. You're setting different, I'm in love with you." The words were like a slap to the face almost. "Sodapop, I can't. I'm not ready for a relationship and I love being your friend, your best friend, I do love you ok!" You went to touch him but he pulled away. "Get your mom to pick you up, bye (y/n)." He said softly and swam back over to the crowd of drunks, leaving you in tears.

Dally: You didn't mean to, but you got really drunk at some party Dallas took you to. You couldn't find him anywhere and you were terrified and wanted to go home, so you decided to walk home. You were so dizzy that you fell over on the street and vomited everywhere. "Jesus Christ (y/n)! What're ya doin'?" A familiar voice yelled from a distance. "Dal..." You went to talk but your head ached and you committed again. When you looked back up, Dally was kneeling beside you, holding your hair back. "Don't ever pull a stunt like that again, dumbass!" He snapped. "I'm sorry, I was just scared cause I couldn't find you." You snapped at him. "Well, I came looking for you didn't I? I'm not gonna let the girl I love get hurt by stumbling around the streets late at night!" He said and you looked at h, shocked. "Wait. You love me?" You giggled. "Shit. Yea I fucking love you. I'm crazy about you (y/n)." He smiled a genuine smile and you felt bad.  "But you're like my big brother, you look after me and all that jazz, I can't date you Dal." You looked at him. "Fine! Forget I said a damn thing! Let you get jumped and die in the streets! I don't give a shit you bitch!" He yelled and ran up the street.

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