Ponyboy Imagine

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Ponyboy was taking you to the library for a date. You liked books, but a library wasn't your idea of a date. You were going only because you cared about him a lot. You weren't officially a couple yet, but you had a really good feeling about it.

You walked into the library to see Ponyboy sitting in a chair, his face in a book. You stood there and admired his facial expressions as he read. He was so into the story and he made expressions based on the events happening in the book. It was adorable.

You purposely cleared your throat, making Pony look up. "Hey (y/n)!" He smiled and stood up, hugging you gently. "So, what did you have planned?" You raised an eyebrow at him, what could you possibly do in a library?

Pony grabbed your hand and walked you down the shelves of books. You looked at the signs hanging from the ceiling and smiled. He had dragged you to the "Romance" section. "And why would you take me down here?" You smiled at him. "Here, read this, it's a letter." He said as he handed you an open book.

"My dearest (y/n),
The past two months have been nothing but pure magic with you at my side. I've felt incredible feelings I've never experience before and I feel like a changed person,  for the better. Something about you makes me feel all these emotions. I love the feeling. I get butterflies everytime you come into my point of view, everytime you smile, laugh, be yourself. You're so unique and beautiful. I want to know you, for everything you are. Love every inch of you the way I'm falling in love with you already. I want to be with you, need to be with you (y/n) because... I'm in love with you.


You looked up from the letter he had placed in the book and smiled. "I love you too Ponyboy Curtis." You said and he grabbed your hand. "In that case, would you be mine (y/n), so I can get to love you more?" He blushed and you nodded, leaning in to kiss him. He did the same and when your lips touched, it was immediate sparks. It felt incredible, it felt right.

You pulled away slowly and looked at him. "Now let's do something I wanna do!" You yelled and ran through the shelves screaming and laughing as Ponyboy chased you, laughing and hugging you from behind, getting you both kicked out of the library, but you didn't care, you felt amazing. Life was perfect with Ponyboy and you would spend the rest of your life with him.

A/N: THE ENDING IS TERRIBLE! But hey! I'm gonna try to get as many requests done as I can before the 6th, my 16th birthday is on the 7th and I'm going on a trip so I probably won't be on my phone very much. Ooh! Please comment if you liked this... I wan some feedback on my work<3

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