Being his best friend (Sodapop)

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- whenever someone saw one of you... They always knew the other was close behind because you guys were never apart

-having beach days, where it evolved Sodapop carrying you into the ocean... You climbing on his back and playing in the waves and tanning together... And having Soda's hands all over you because of your bathing suit

-awkwardly being eachothers first kiss because it just sorta happened one day and you both promised to never talk about it

- Darry wishing you and Soda'd date already because he likes the good you bring out in Soda

- Chilling in his bedroom and having pillow fights and play wrestling

- getting jealous of all the girls who flirt with him

- having super obvious feelings for eachother

-everyone thinking you're dating

- trying to teach him stuff you're learning at school because you want him to still have some knowledge

- walking down the road one night and it starts to pour.. And you guys just start dancing together and then he lifts you up and you wrap your legs around his waist. "I love you (y/n)!" He says and then you guys kiss because you were waiting for that moment ever since you met him

A/N: this is goals 😩

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