You're sick

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Darry: he would always make you stay at his place, where he'd cuddle with you and make you soup and rub your back and tend to anything you needed.

Steve: he'd get super cute, the earth would stop and he'd just focus on you and making you feel better. He'd cuddle with you on the couch and watch TV and then he'd give you medicine and carry you to bed so you could sleep.

Two-bit: he always tried to make you laugh through the sickness. He'd make these terrible, yet cute jokes and he'd get real happy when you smiled at them. But he did care for you. He'd make you drink a small cup of whiskey then take some aspirin and then he'd rub your back until you were asleep.

Johnny: he always got really sad when you were sick because he hated seeing you in any discomfort. He did everything. He made sure you always had medicine in you and that you were thirsty and he'd he your hair while you vomited and he'd sit there and tell you all the reasons he loves you while holding a cold cloth on your forehead.

Ponyboy: he would make sure you were comfortable and then he'd read to you all day long, occasionally pausing to see if you need anything. And his company always made you feel better. And you guys always ended up falling asleep together.

Sodapop: he would do so much for you. Get you everything, he'd get a bath ready for you and then once you finished, he'd give you medicine and cuddle you, and kiss you not caring that he could get sick.

Dally: he actually got real worried. He always asked if you were ok, and even if you insisted you were, he wouldn't be ok until he did something to make you feel better. But he usually just laid around with you all day and kept you company, which you didn't mind at all.

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