He walks in on you changing

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Darry: You were changing in his bedroom  and he opened the door without knocking, you were naked facing the door. "Oh my god! (Y/n) I'm really sorry!" He laughed and covered his eyes. "It's ok! But get out I gotta finish changing!" You laughed and when he shut the door you could feel yourself blushing.

Steve: You and him were going to go to a school dance right after his shift at the DX, so you came by to pick him up and had to change while you were there. You didn't tell him that you were gonna change in the bathroom so as you were in a bra and thong he opened the door and you screamed. "Don't be scared! It's only me and damn you're so hot." He checked you out then kissed your cheek and came in with you to clean up.

Two-bit: He snuck into your bedroom right as you walked in, just wearing a towel and dropping it to the floor. He jumped into your room and you screamed and quickly grabbed the towel. "Oh jeez (y/n), I'm sorry, but damn you got some nice ones." He laughed then turned around do you could put some clothes on.

Johnny: he was over at your place staying the night because of his parents. You were in your room, about to put your pyjamas on when in walked Johnny. You just stares at eachother for a couple seconds until he turned away with bright red cheeks. "Jeez I'm real sorry (y/n)." He stuttered. "It's ok johnnycake, I woulda died of embarrassment if it had've been anyone else." You giggled and then felt him staring at you again.

Ponyboy: You guys had just got home from a dance and you walked into his bedroom and immediately took you dress off. "Hey (y/n)-" Pony walked in, he stopped and stared at you for a second. "Golly I'm sorry! I'll knock next time!" He said turning bright red and walking out of the room.

Sodapop: he was working all alone at the DX so you went down to keep in company, he was washing a car and thought it'd be funny to pour a bucket of water on you. You ran to the bathroom and took off your clothes. You didn't have anything else do you didn't really know what else to do. The door opened and Sodapop stood there, staring at you. "Uh, here's a DX shirt and a pair of jeans..." He said, but he was very distracted.

Dally: Party at Bucks. You really weren't in the mood for a party so you went upstairs. Just as you were removing your bra, in walked a tipsy Dally. "Woah! Sorry!" He laughed and then walked towards you. "It's ok!" You blushed and grabbed a shirt. "Have I ever told you how nice your boobs are though?" He smirked and you punched his arm.
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