How they'd be if they were in 2016

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Darry: I feel like he'd be all confused about social networks and the guys would always try to make him get at least Facebook, but he just doesn't want it. But I think he'd always be going to the gym and he'd look like the stay at home dad that listens to Taylor swift in secret because her songs are catchy.

Steve: he'd be such a country boy oh god. One of those teenage guys that always talking about cars and four wheelers and makes the annoying engine revving sound. I feel like he'd always wear camo and jam out to anything country.

Two-bit: he'd be the guy that everyone knows but in a way loves and hates at the same time. His jokes would get too much, like he'd always joke about stuff happening in the media or he'd always show you the thousands of memes he had saved on his phone, but he's be pretty chill, always having parties and stuff.

Johnny: he'd be the shy kid in class that everyone ignores because they aren't sure if he's nice or not. He had friends and stuff, but I think he'd be the kid that always talks to random girls on kik lol

Ponyboy: he'd be the nerd, everybody would ask him to copy his homework and he's too nice to say no, but he'd be like the nerd everyone loved and the popular people would talk to. He'd always listen to artists like Beyoncé just because he says her songs have a good vibe.

Sodapop: he'd be so popular and he'd be the heartthrob. Everyone knows him and he has so many friends on Facebook and followers on Instagram that he doesn't even know, but his Instagram bio would be amazing. Like he'd say something about cars and then like shoutout to my boo thang Steve 😍. And like he'd have so much variety on his phone for music, like anywhere between Elvis to Nicki Minaj, but Nicki is his fave and he always jams to her when he's alone, like he'll play her music out loud and rap to it. One time, he was singing anaconda and was twerking and Ponyboy came home and recorded it and posted it on every social media he had.

Dally: FUCKBOY! He'd always ask girls for nudes and he'd be such a flirt and he'd go to parties all the time and get girls numbers and stuff and he'd be the guy that'd invite girls to Netflix and chill. He'd be really fun though, like when he gets drunk and does fun stuff.

A/N: I really liked writing this OMG Sodapop's is my fave and I feel likes Steve's is really accurate.

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