He tells the gang about your sex life and you react

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Darry: You were in the bathroom doing the hair with the door closed and you could hear the gang talking. "What's she like in bed?" Steve asked. Darry sighed. "Amazing, she's so dominate and it's really attractive, she's just so hot and it makes me love her more." Darry said and the room filled with oohs and Ahhs. You walked out of the bathroom. The guys all looked at you innocently. "Guess who's not getting sex tonight!" You said and all th guys started laughing.

Steve: "is she good?" Dally asked. "She's real nice, she lets me take charge and she does everything I want." He said. You were just walking into the room and the guys all looked at you nervously. "Guess whose taking charge next time you ass! And it's not gonna be for awhile!" You said and walked out of the room.

Two-bit: you and the gang were playing truth or dare. "Two-bit, truth or dare?" Dally asked him. "Truth." He said instantly. "We want the truth about how good (y/n) is in bed." Dally smirked. "She's the best! She teases me and it makes me crazy..." E kept going on and you kept getting more angry. You stood up and looked at him then stormed out.

Johnny: he was outside with Pony and Dally and you were inside listening to their conversation. "So Johnny, you done I with her yet man?" Dally asked and you could imagine the smirk on Dallas Winston's face. "Uh, a couple times." Johnny said quietly. "Man! I never woulda thought! She any good man?" Dally asked. Johnny proceeded to go into incredible detail about your sexual life. You walked outside on the porch and the three boys looked at eachother innocently. "You ever had a girl that good Dal?" You smirk and Dally looks shocked and Johnny's cheeks turned so red.

Ponyboy: you were at his place taking a bath. Ponyboy and the rest of the gang were sitting at the table playing cards. "Pony, did you use a comdom?" Soda asked. "What? What're ya talkin' about?" Pony asked innocently. You and Pony had sex for the first time last night. "You and (y/n) were LOOOOOUD! We all knew what was happenin' kiddo!" Dally laughed. "Shoot." Pony said. "She good?" Soda asked. "Yes, real good." Ponyboy said. You rolled your eyes and got out of the bath, wrapping yourself in a towel and peeking your head out the door. "Pony! Look I'm only in a towel and guess what! I'm about to get dressed... By myself." You said and slammed the door earning a sequenced "OOOH!" From the gang.

Sodapop: unfortunately, Steve caught you and Soda at the DX and later that day he told the gang and they started asking Soda all these questions and he answered them too honestly. You got so mad and moved off of his lap. " I was gonna make up for Steve catching us, but your good ol' friend righty can help you with that asshole!" You said out of anger and stormed out.

Dally: he just randomly brought up how good he thought you were in bed to the gang and they seemed real interested in it. You sat there as Dally went on about you, getting looks from the gang. "Dallas, you just lost yourself a week of sex!" You said and left the room, leaving him stunned and angry.
A/N: this was so weird and hard to write oh god

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