Dallas Winston headcanon

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Dally was always badass. It took a lot of coaxing from you to get him to talk like a normal person. He'd been through a lot and it made him hard. He would take you out places, usually resulting in sex in the back of Buck's car, but he would tell you he loved you. The one time he truly confessed his feelings like a normal guy was one late night, he came home drunk and you asked him where he was and it started a huge fight and you threatened to leave. "You're no going anywhere! (Y/n), I fucking love you ok!? I know I don't show it, but hell, I don't think I could go a day without you! I'm sorry I'm a shitty boyfriend that causes trouble, but that's just me, so please don't leave me all alone, you're all I've got babe." He was crying by the end and it made you two a lot closer.
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