What dating Two-bit would be like

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-non stop jokes and laughing

-Watching Mickey Mouse with him... ALOT

-him always trying to make you laugh, even in a bad time

-his mom absolutely loves you

-you help keep him in line

-sweet, passionate sex...

-drives around town in his car (even though it breaks down half the time)

-making fun of eachother just for kicks, then cuddling afterwards

-lots of cuddling

-random, sweet kisses

-getting drunk together

-buying (or stealing) eachother funny Mickey Mouse things

-him always saying how much he loves you and how he never could see himself with anyone else

A/N: I feel so awkward when I write about sexual stuff lol but whatever if it makes you uncomfortable... Sorry fam😂 but if you haven't yet, go check out my Outsiders fanfic called changes... It's kinda based on Dally and I updated earlier tonight so please go check it out❤️ and Yay 3 updates today

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