Cute best friend moment (Ponyboy)

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You had exams in a few weeks and you and Ponyboy were getting together to help eachother study. You walked you your house after school together, you had every intention of studying and asking Ponyboy for help on some stuff because he was way smarter than you when it came to academics.

When you got home, you were expecting no one to be home, but when you walked in the door your mom and sibling/s were all in the kitchen. "Hey y/n, Ponyboy!" Your mom smiled. "Hey Mrs.(y/l/n)." Ponyboy smiled as your mom handed him a glass of water. "I'll start supper, Ponyboy your gotta stay!" Your mom said and he nodded. "Ok mom we gotta study, we'll be upstairs." You said and grabbed Ponyboy's hand and walked to your bedroom.

Pony had only been in your room a few times so he always liked to look around and admire everything about it. "Why do you alway do that?" You asked as you grabbed your binder and sat on your bed. "What? Look around?" He asked and you nodded. "I just like seeing what you have on your walls because everything represents you so well." He smiled as he picked up a framed picture of the two of you. You just smiled back. "Ok, can you help me with the English questions?" You said to make him focus.

You guys were working for an hour on an English paper that was supposed to help you prep for the exam. You noticed while you were working that Ponyboy kept looking at you every now and then which he usually didn't do. "Y/n, am I going this right?" Ponyboy interrupted your thoughts and handed you a paper.

"My safety, my home, and my best friend is y/n and I will love her forever, and my love grows stronger for her everyday."

You looked up at Pony and he smiled. "Yea, you're doing it perfectly." You said and he giggled.

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