Ponyboy Curtis imagine

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Going to a new highschool was never what you wanted, but it's what had to happen when you moved to Tulsa.

You walked into the highschool and had no clue where you were and what you were doing. You started panicking and frantically walked down the hallways looking for your first period class. You looked down at your schedule and ran right into someone. I fell on the ground and dropped all my things. "Shoot, I'm sorry!" A friendly voice said. You look up and lock eyes with some really cute guy. He extended his hand out and you grabbed it and he helped you up. "Hey I'm real sorry bout' that." He looked at you and you blush. "It's fine really, what's your name?" "Ponyboy Curtis." He smiled. "Good to meet ya, I'm (y/n) (y/l/n)." You smiled back and then he helped you pick up your stuff.

"So, you're new?" He asked and you nod. "But I have no idea where I'm going." You shrugged. "I can show you around, follow me." Ponyboy grabbed your hand and you felt an instant spark. "Woah!" He said and pulled away. "What?" You giggle. "I just felt something weird." He chuckled. You guys kept walking and talking. He was a real sweet guy.

The bell rang and Ponyboy looked at your schedule. "Good news. We have first period together!" He smiled and took you to the class. You guys talked the whole class and then he walked you to your next class.

Right before you went in he tapped your shoulder. "Do you like sunsets?" He smiled. "They're beautiful." You smiled back. "Great, so do you wanna come by the park tonight and we can watch the sunset together?" He blushed. "Of course!" You accept. He smiled and started walking away. "Consider it a date!" He called and you smiled, looking forward to spending time with Ponyboy.

A/N: WOW THAT WAS REALLY BAD I'M SO SORRY 😖 BUT PONYBOY😍 who's your favorite greaser!????

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