Steve Randle Imagine

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You were walking home one with Steve, he was your best friend and you guys had just went to the Dingo for supper. This red mustang was following you guys for a couple blocks and it had finally stopped and 6 Socs got out. Steve immediately pulled you behind him roughly.

"Hey there grease, you mind if we uh, take your friend here home? I'm sure she'd rather be with a bunch of us instead of you, you're disgusting greaser!" One of the guys said, moving towards you. Steve tightened his grip on your arm. "Stay back." He said and the Socs started laughing. "What's one greaser like you gonna do? We'll kill ya." Another soc threatened and tried to grab you, but Steve pushed him down.

All at once the Socs attacked both of you, but Steve made sure you didn't get hurt, taking all the blows and watching you the whole time while you sat there in horror watching your best friend get beat up. Eventually, the rest of the gang showed up and helped Steve get rid of the Socs. Afterwards you jumped into Steve's arms. "You saved my life! Thank you!" You almost cried. He smiled. "Anything for the girl I love." Then he kissed you. "Look, after tonight, I need to make sure you're always safe, so... Will you be my girlfriend?" He asked casually. You say yes and then he takes you home and tells you he loves you.
A/N: hey guys! Sorry this was crap! And I haven't updated in awhile, schools been pretty crazy and I haven't gotten a chance until right now to write anything so it's sorts rushed, but I hope everyone's doing well💖

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