Perspective《Dallas Winston》 by x_mahal_x
Perspective《Dallas Winston》by Septiishu's child
everyone says he's bad news. everyone says he ain't one to mess with. everyone says he isn't worth anyone's time. well, everyone also says I have a gift for looking at t...
  • dally
  • mattdillon
  • johnnycade
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Having Dallas Winston's baby (Curtis sister) by night_101
Having Dallas Winston's baby ( unknown
What would happen if the Curtis sister (Mary) got pregnant with Dallas Winston's BABY? STORY BASED ON S.E HINTON'S BOOK: THE OUTSIDERS THIS S...
  • darrycurtise
  • twobitmatthews
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Tough Love→ Sodapop FF by brokenpausebutton
Tough Love→ Sodapop FFby brokenpausebutton
It's a tough life for all of us tough lovers. Especially Skylar Winston. book ❶ copyright @ b r o k e n p a u s e b u t t o n
  • theoutsiders
  • ponyboy
  • sodapop
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The Pony Child • The Outsiders by JackilovesPony
The Pony Child • The Outsidersby Jackie Curtis
Beverly (Bev), a 15 year old girl meets Ponyboy at the theatre. They both start dating and they do almost everything together but did something that they both regret. ...
  • friends
  • hope
  • birth
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Runaway ↠ Ponyboy Curtis by alondrasstories
Runaway ↠ Ponyboy Curtisby [a l o n d r a]
Sam runaways from home in New York from her abusive father. She hopes to find her brother who lives in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Will she find him? What will her journey be like...
  • twobit
  • ponyboycurtis
  • curtisbrothers
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The Younger Winston by admiringthe80s
The Younger Winstonby Emily ⚡️
Adley Winston is the younger Winston that everyone knows about as soon as she arrives. She got met with 6 other guys she came across. What could possibly go wrong along...
  • tulsa
  • sodapop
  • theoutsiders
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tulsa love // a sodapop curtis love story by msernst
tulsa love // a sodapop curtis ernst
Alice Kramer is a 15 year old girl who finds herself lost in Tulsa, Oklahoma when she is kidnapped in her home state of Alabama. She meets someone that gets her a job at...
  • darry
  • curtisbrothers
  • tulsa
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Outsiders Smut! by angi3_m12
Outsiders Smut!by Angieboi Curtis
The good ol' usuals. The Outsiders smut! I do requests, so text me! You can even dm me on instagram and I'll your request. @sodapop.curtis101
  • greaser
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The outsiders - imagines  by Jtboccardo
The outsiders - imagines by joanna
I'm not gonna write to often probably only when I get a really good idea. Request open no smut. We have family friendly outsiders content. If you get the reference plea...
  • darrycurtis
  • imagines
  • ponyboydarrysodapopstevedallyjohnny
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It started with a kiss | Dally x reader by aexsthetic_trash
It started with a kiss | Dally x traxsh_
Lets just cut to the chase there's love, lust, heartbreak and loss. Will you and Dally be able to keep it together or will everything come crashing down?
  • ponyboy
  • fanfiction
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Dallas Winston's sister ( The Outsiders FF ) by xxxtheoutsidersxxx
Dallas Winston's sister ( The Emily
Holly Grace Winston was living back into New York, when her mother divorced her father, and was forced to move to Tulsa Oklahoma with her dad. All she wanted, was to fi...
  • ponyboy
  • greasers
  • johnny
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The Outsiders Imagines & Preferences <3 by delilah_182
The Outsiders Imagines & Delilah🌹Amy❤Winston
A unique, cute, enjoyable, dedicated book of preferences and imagines to The Outsiders. Read and have fun, get to know me, or get to know fellow greasers like you! Pleas...
  • fanfic
  • dally
  • twobit
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the outsiders preferences and imagines  by Adeliabowers
the outsiders preferences and Adeliabowers
just your favorite greaser boiiiiis
  • sodapopcurtis
  • ponyboydarrysodapopstevedallyjohnny
  • johnnycade
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It Imagines by badboycarl
It Imaginesby ☠️☠️
Welcome to the Losers Club, asshole! Richie Tozier "Do you need to be a virgin to see this fucking clown?" Henry Bowers "I'll kill you, you little fucking...
  • oneshots
  • billdenbrough
  • beverlymarsh
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The Outsiders Imagines by Catlady628
The Outsiders Imaginesby Mrs.SodapopCurtis
It's what we all love, The Outsiders Imagines and Preferences. I always read these things so I decided it was about time I wrote some for myself. Enjoy!
  • sodapop
  • outsiders
  • steverandle
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♡The Outsiders Imagines  by life-succs
♡The Outsiders Imagines by ☠︎
The outsiders imagines & preferences. Some from tumblr. (I do not own any of the characters portrayed in this book. All characters belong to S.E Hinton)
  • cthomashowell
  • tomcruise
  • darrycurtis
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The Outsiders: Dally's little sister by Pony_babe
The Outsiders: Dally's little The Outsiders
Dallas Winston knew he had a younger sister up in New York with his parents, but when his parents die, and Sophie Winston has to come and live with him, his world turns...
  • sodapop
  • dallaswinston
  • theoutsiders
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tulsa ➳ darry curtis by thebookmaven
tulsa ➳ darry curtisby thebookmaven
Bluebelle Thompson is a 17-year-old girl who moves to Tulsa, Oklahoma. She makes friends with three boys around her age when they meet at the drive-in. Little does she...
  • wattys2018
  • socs
  • darry
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With All My Heart || Sodapop Curtis x Reader by aexsthetic_trash
With All My Heart || Sodapop traxsh_
Like you're stuck underwater, slowly drowning. While everyone else around you is breathing. That my dearest Y/n, is what depression is like. •MATURE CONTENT• Language Se...
  • steve
  • ponyboy
  • dally
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The Outsiders Preferences and Imagines by boiitslaila24
The Outsiders Preferences and boiitslaila24
All what the title says :) For your favorite greasers: Ponyboy, Johnny, Dally, Sodapop, Darry, Two-Bit and Steve
  • dally
  • wattys2018
  • sodapop
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