Goodbye (Johnny)

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"Dear (y/n),
I'm sorry life didn't work out the way we had hoped. I'd give anything to make myself healthy again just so I could spend more time with you. Every time I saw your beautiful face and heard your voice, for that first second I was thankful for the life I was given.

      Now that I'm about to lose you, I'm the most thankful I've ever been for life because I got to spend it with you. No we didn't know each other very long, but it sure was long enough to realize that you were all I ever needed.

    You saved me (y/n) and made me realize that not all things in life are bad... and for that I am always thankful. I'm so sorry I'm leaving you in this crazy life, but maybe life has better things for you. Make a future for yourself like the one we talked about. Go out and live your life in my legacy. I will be proud of you and love you always, no matter what.

I love you, forever.

A/N: HEY BITCHES IM BACK!!!! I kinda forgot about Wattpad and I was watching the outsiders the other day and was like oh my damn my imagines! So I decided to come back and write a little something. It's kinda like the letter Johnny leaves for ponyboy at the end of the movie!!

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