Cute best friend moment (Dally)

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You ran down the sidewalk and were pulled into an alley where you came face to face watch Dallas again. "Shh, don't let them hear us." He whispered as he grabbed your hand and pulled you further into the alley. You looked back as the sound of sirens got louder and the red and blue lights flashed brighter.

You didn't plan on getting into trouble. Dally had suggested you go to the hardware store because he wanted to get something from there but he wouldn't tell you what he wanted, you just followed his lead like always and here you were, hiding from the police.

After a few more minutes of waiting around for the cops to leave, you couldn't hear them anymore so you went to the back of the building you were hiding behind. Dally pulled out some spray paint and started putting "fuck the fuzz" on the wall.

He looked at you. "Here, knock yourself out." He tossed you a can and you rolled your eyes and just started spraying your yellow paint in one spot. "C'mon y/n, don't be stupid! You gotta have some fun with it, watch." He smirked and proceeded to spell your name out on the wall. "Like that!" He said rather pleased with himself. "Don't just leave my name, people are gonna think I did this." You said and he rolled his eyes and started spraying the wall some more.

He stopped and turned around. "How's that?" He smirked. "Y/n has a nice ass." You read and then smacked him. "That is even worse! God Dallas why'd you do that?" You tried to be mad but couldn't help but laugh. "Hey I just wrote something that's true!" He laughed and lit a cigarette.

You glared at him. "Don't give me that look, you know you love me!" He said as he blew out smoke. "You're right, but you deserve this!" You yelled as you sprayed him with paint. "Hey!" He yelled then chased after you, spraying paint at you as well.

You were having a full blown paint war and after 10 minutes you were both covered in colorful paint and walking to Buck's for a drink like nothing ever happened.

A/N: I couldn't think of something cute lol

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