(DIRTY) Sodapop Imagine

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Soda finally had a day off work, so he wanted to spend time with you so you stayed the night at his place. The whole gang was over and they were getting really annoying. Soda kept looking at you like he did when he was horny. You were too honestly and the guys were annoying the hell out of you. "What should we do? I mean, it's a Saturday night and there ain't a thing to do!" Pony said to the group and you smiled at Sodapop. "I was gonna take (y/n) out later, maybe y'all could go see a movie or somethin? Go bother the waitresses at the Dingo then head on over to the Nightly Double and see a movie." Soda said to the guys. "That's a good idea, anyone wanna go?" Pony smiled. Johnny nodded and everyone kinda agreed.

After another half an hour they finally left. "Hey Soda, you ain't goin' out are ya?" Steve smirked at him. "Shut your trap Randle." He giggled and slammed the door behind Steve. You were so relieved they were gone. "So, are we gonna go out? We could do anything ya know." You smiled and Soda sat down next to you. "I know, but I have a better idea of what we could do babe." He smirked. "Ok, what do you wanna do?" You asked and he literally attacked you.

He pulled you onto his lap and started making out with you furiously. "Thank god we finally get time alone, I missed you so much (y/n)." He said against your lips. You just smirked and brought your fingers to the hem of his tank top. He ripped off his flannel and the undershirt, sending them across the living room. "I love you so much." He whispered as he pulled your shirt up and threw it on the ground, then kissing you down your neck and to your breasts.

You were eventually both naked and things were happening right on the couch. Soda was being so gentle, holding you tightly in his arms and whispering in your ear how beautiful you are and how lucky he is to have you and all these things he plans for you two to do in the future. He eventually started going rougher and you both started moaning. "Soda... Oh my god!" You moaned and then you finally reached your high together and you got off of Soda and pulled a blanket over your body.

Soda grabbed your hand and kissed it. "You're so beautiful (y/n), God I love you so much." He kissed your forehead. All of a sudden the front door burst open. "AH! Oh shit Soda! Right there!" Steve mocked you. "Y'all are loud!" Two-Bit laughed while peeking his head in. "Screw you guys!" Soda yelled and stood up. "Woah dumbass! Put some pants on!" Dally yelled and walked back outside.

So much for an evening alone with Sodapop.


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