What dating Sodapop would be like

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-Him always doing really sweet things for you

-going to the DX on your school lunch break to eat lunch with him

-going on cute dates, never to the same place (he loved to surprise you)

-always getting flowers from him

-Ponyboy letting you have his side of the bed and he sleeps on the couch

-cooking the brothers supper while they clean up from work and do their homework

-acting like kids with eachother (dancing/singing/ playing on the swings in the park...etc.)

-swimming together and playing in the rain

-helping pony with his homework

-having Darry consider you a part of the family

-Steve and you being best friends for Soda

-the gang considers you like "the mother hen" and they all think you're a doll

-leaving love notes for eachother

-taking showers together ;)

-being best friends and boyfriend/girlfriend

-never being away from eachother

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