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" I miss everything about her. The feeling of the warmth she leaves while we hold each other as we slowly fall asleep. Her smell, it was so calming and made me feel at home. I miss the way she would kiss me all over my face until I woke up, then she'd kiss me so passionately and say "good morning" in her beautiful voice that I could listen to for hours. I miss her hugs and the way she always made me feel safe in her arms. I miss how she always pushed me to be a better person and never judged me for my mistakes. I miss the way we'd make love. So passionate and beautiful, it was never for pleasure; but for the comfort and closeness it brought to our relationship. I can't go even a second without thinking about her... why'd she have to go so soon?" Sodapop Curtis cried as he looked at his tear stained face in the steamed up mirror. "I can't love anyone else the way I loved her." He ran his hands madly through his hair and pulled at it frantically trying to catch his breath. "I wish I could've been there to stop it, to help her or something, anything." He said to himself as he thought back to the traumatic scene he had walked into just the night before. The love of his love lay dead on the floor, a puddle of blood around her and a small note.

Soda grabbed the note from the counter and read it for the hundredth time.

"Sodapop, I realize what I'm about to do is gonna hurt you to no end. I never wanted to hurt you but I need to stop hurting myself. Please know that you were the only source of happiness I ever had and I'm so damn grateful for every moment we spent together, you are the love of my life and I promise I will live on with you. Now, you must promise me when you are ready; to go out and love another the way you loved me so passionately. Someone else deserves to feel the amount of love I did from such and incredibly loving and amazing man like you. I'm so sorry baby, please be okay.
               Forever in my heart

Soda folded the paper up and put his head in his hands. "I love you too (y/n). Forever and always."

A/N: HEEEEEY! Lol I got bored today and felt like writing something so I did and I'm posting it. I kinda miss updating ahaha. But since I've been gone this book has gotten so much good feedback. S/o to everyone who took the time to read my work and I really hope you like this peace of crap head canon :)

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