Self hate

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The tears brimmed your eyes as you stared in the mirror. "How does Darry love this? It's impossible!" You grabbed at your stomach and natural cellulite angrily. You looked back at the mirror. "My face is ugly too. I'm not good enough for someone like him." You started crying harder over the sink, staring hatefully at your reflection.

"(Y/n), are you alright in there?" Darry called from the other side of the door while knocking. "Mhm!" You replied trying to make it sound like you weren't sobbing. You heard the door open and you locked eyes with Darry through the mirror. "Oh my god! What's wrong!?" Darry said concerned seeing you naked and crying. "Nothin Darry." You look down at your feet while trying to hide your body with your arms.

"I refuse to believe that, you know you can talk to me about anything (y/n)." Darry said softly. You looked into his eyes and saw the worry. "I'm just having a "I hate myself" moment."

"Hate yourself how?" Darry asked. "Everything. My face is ugly and my body is nothing but fat. I don't deserve someone like you." You felt tears brim your eyes again and you turned away from Darry.

You let the tears fall then you felt arms gently wrap around your waist. "That's foolish. You're gorgeous (y/n), inside and out. Why do you think I'm so in love with you huh?" Darry smiled and kissed your neck. You squeezed his hand and he turned you around, wiping away your tears. "Don't beat yourself up over how you view yourself. Learn you love yourself like me and so many others do." He kissed your forehead and walked out of the bathroom, Leaving you alone to feel silly for being so self conscious.

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