Dallas Winston imagine

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Parties were not your thing. They never were. You had been invited to one by your friend as a "welcome back!" Present. You had been living in Texas for the last two years so you didn't really know anyone that well anyways. You left the party and walked down the streets of downtown Tulsa. More like stumbled helplessly around. You kept walking until you saw someone coming towards you. Maybe they could help?

"Hey there baby, need help with somethin'?" The guy smirked and looked you up and down. "I need to get home!" You say. "Well, I can take you home baby." The guy came towards you and started touching you and kissing your neck. You tried to escape the drunks grip, but he was way stronger than you. He kept getting rougher and every time you fought him, he because more aggressive. You were crying and terrified. The guy wasn't gonna quit anytime soon.

You looked to your left and saw guy running towards you. Oh great, he has friends. You closed your eyes as tears streamed down your cheeks. You suddenly were free of the drunk guys drip and you fell to the ground crying. You looked up and the drunk was laying on the ground, unconscious. Then the other guy knelt down beside you. "Are you ok? Did that asshole hurt you?" He looked into your eyes and you felt an instant spark. "I'm ok, he just spooked me pretty bad." You say and then he puts out a hand to help you stand. "Thank you." You smiled. "Anytime, you gotta be careful in this town girly, you're new right?" The guy asked while lighting a cigarette. "Yep, names (y/n)." You smile. "Dallas Winston, but call me Dally." He smirked. "Well, Dallas, thank you so much for saving me." You thank him again. "You're welcome!" He nodded. "Now, do you got a place you're headed?" Dallas smiled. "I was gonna go back to my friends house, but she's at a party and I don't have a house key." You sigh. "I got a place you can sleep, follow me (y/n)." Dally smiled and started walking up the road.

He took you to a cute looking house, the sound of music and talking made you stop in your tracks. Dally turned around. "You ok?" He looked at you. "Yea, it's just, I hate parties." You said bluntly. "That's ok, we can go upstairs, you can sleep in my bed and I'll wait till' everyone's gone and take the couch downstairs." He smiled and you followed him inside and upstairs.

Once he made sure you were comfortable, you guys ended up talking for a few hours, and there was a connection there, that would later bring Dally outta his shell and you two would realize you were soul mates.

A/N: I'm so bad at imagines oh god

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