He saves you

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Darry: You were working late at the Dingo. You were one of the only ones there and you were waiting for Darry to come pick you up. You sat at one of the booths when the door opened. You stood up. "Darry?" You called out and a guy with a gun walked towards you. He held the gun up to your face. "The money!" He said. Your eyes widened and you walked to the register and grabbed a handful of bills. "That's not enough you slut!" The guy yelled and you could feel yourself shaking as he placed the gun against your head. "One more slip up and it's game over." He said. You were just about to hand him the money when someone came running in and knocked the guy out. You smiled when Darry came around and you jumped into his arms and started crying. "Thank you! Oh my god I thought I was gonna die!" You cried. "Shh, it's gonna be ok (y/n)." He whispered. "I love you Darry!" You kissed him. "I love you more." He smiled and took you home.

Steve: you and Steve went to a rodeo together. You weren't a huge fan of people and there sure was a lot of people there. "Steve, I gotta use the bathroom." You whispered, not really needing to, you just wanted to get some quiet. "Ok, I'll be waiting right here for ya." He kissed your cheek and you stood up and walked through the crowd of people to the parking lot. This car pulled up and some older man got out and walked towards you. Before you could say anything he was trying to get you in his car. He was touching you and you were terrified. "STEVE! HELP ME STEVE!" You yell and the guy slapped your mouth so you'd stop yelling. You looked towards the entrance to the rodeo and saw Steve running out. He ran up to you and punched the guy in the face. Then he got on the guy and punched him a couple more times until he was knocked unconscious. Steve turned and ran to you and picked you up. "Are you ok (y/n)?" He looked you in the eyes and there were tears. "I'm ok now, baby you saved me!" You smiled and he kissed you and you guys waited for the cops.

Two-bit: it was around 2am and Two-bit wasn't home yet... Usually if he was drinking, he'd be home by now or would've called so you weren't so worried. But you were oblivious as to where your boyfriend was. You couldn't take it anymore, you got dressed and headed for town. You just walked around calling his name until you ran into a group of drunks. They were on you in seconds... They were being very touchy and dangerous. By this time, you were practically in tears out of fear. You closed your eyes and thought of a way out. "(Y/N)!" You heard a familiar voice call. You opens your eyes and Two-bit was running towards you... The guys tried to scurry but he had Steve, Sodapop and Dally with him and they finished them off. "I feel lousy for not telling you where I was (y/n), I'm not leaving you alone ever again! I'm so sorry!" Two-bit started rambling off and you shut him up with a kiss. "It's ok Keith, you're hear now... You made it in time and that's all that matters." You smiled and put a hand on his cheek. He nodded and you guys went home and fell asleep on the couch because you were practically falling asleep by the time you got back.

Johnny: One night you wanted to talk to Johnny so you went to the lot to see if he was there. You saw someone sitting by a fire. You walk up to them and then realize when they look up at you that it isn't Johnny but some homeless guy. He stood up and you could see a knife. "Get outta here or I will kill you!" The guy threatened. "It's a park sir, you can't make me leave!" Your smart ass comeback should've waited. The guy ran towards you and jumped on you. He held the knife you your throat. "I can kill you, then you'll be gone from here." The guy said with psychotic eyes. All of a sudden you heard running and then the guy was laying on the ground, unconscious. You look up to see a very white, shaky Johnny. It took a lot for him to do stuff like that. You stood up and jumped into his arms. "Thanks Johnnycake, I love you." You kiss him and then go back to your house and cuddle.
(This is terrible I'm so sorry!)

Ponyboy: You were walking down the hallway at school, trying to find Ponyboy. You bumped into someone and looked up. There was the most popular Soc girl in school. "Watch where you're going you slutty grease!" She spat. "What did you just call me?" You snapped back. "You heard me! Now, Get!" She said and pushed you. You were on her in an instant and then all her friends joined in and you were trapped and getting the tar beat outta ya by Socs. You occasionally made a punch at someone but it didn't help. You thought you'd get beat to death until you felt a pair of hands pull you out from under the girls. You looked up and Ponyboy was looking down at you with fear in his eyes. "(Y/n), are you ok?" He asked. "Yea, I'm ok." You smiled and then winced because your lip was busted. "Let's get you to the nurse babe." He smiled and carried you into the school nurses office.

Sodapop: You went to visit Sodapop on his break at the DX. When you got there, the girls were all over him. You pretended not to notice them and pushed through to try to get to your boyfriend. Some girl didn't like that you pushed through her and next thing you knew, you were on the ground and this Soc was beating on you. "Hey! Get the hell outta here and never come back!" Soda yelled and literally threw the girl off you. He picked you up gently. "I'm ok Soda." You reassured him. "Shoot, (y/n), I never thought that'd happen." He looked at you sadly. "It's ok! Just don't let girls in here." You laugh and then he tells you some cute story while he cleaned up your cuts and bruises.

Dally: You were super drunk. Dally had pissed you off so you had the bright idea to walk home. More like stumble around town hopelessly. A car pulled up beside you and a couple Socs got out. "Need help baby?" One of them smirked and grabbed your butt. You slapped him and then he pinned you to the wall and tried to kiss you. You were too drunk to fight well enough. But before you could even attempt to raise a fist, Dallas was right there and the guy was knocked out cold. "You're such a dumbass! Jesus Christ (y/n)! Why didn't you wait for me?" Dally looked at you. You just shrugged. "C'mere." He smiled and carried you home to bed.

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