His favorite place to kiss you

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Darry: cheek; because it's soft he says and you always blush after.

Steve: hands and fingers; he loves your hands because he thinks they fit perfectly with his.

Two-bit: top of your head; he loves how your hair always smells so good.

Johnny: forehead; he thinks it makes you feel safe, and he's right.

Ponyboy: temple; he just loves kissing your whole face but always kisses your temples last because then he can whisper cute stuff in your ear after.

Sodapop: neck; he thinks it cute how it's your weak spot and you get so clingy when he kisses your neck.

Dally: lips; he just loves you so much and he thinks kissing you normally will show it the best; plus he thinks your lips fit perfectly on his and he loves the flavor of lipbalm you use;)

A/N: I couldn't think of anything to write lol

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