Cute best friend moment (Two-Bit)

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Two-Bit had dragged you to what was the absolute shittiest party you had ever been to. The only good thing about it was the music, but you stayed because Two wanted you there.

You got yourself a glass of whiskey and stood in a corner awkwardly because Two-Bit had literally disappeared off the face of the earth. This party was bumming you out and all you wanted was to go home. You took the last hard sip of your whiskey and went to get more, but were stopped by this highly intoxicated greasy man. Not a teenager or someone in their 20s, like a 35+ year old man.

You scrunched up your nose at the sight of him. "Hey doll, where you headed?" The guy smirked and tried o wrap an arm around your waist. "No where with you buddy!" You said and tried to walk away but he grabbed you and spun you around. "We could get outta here and find some real fun." The guy smirked and you couldn't get out of his grip. "Let me go!" You said and he wouldn't obey so you started saying it louder until you were yelling.

"Leave her alone you greasy turd!" A slurred yet very familiar and comforting voice yelled out then started laughing. "C'mon guy just let the girl be!" Two-Bit got more serious as he walked up to you and the guy. The man released his grip on you and you stepped back as Two-Bit punched him in the face then grabbed your hand and yelled "RUN" taking you out the front door and around the back of the house and into some bushes.

The man came out and looked around before giving up and getting in his car and driving away. Two-Bit started cackling uncontrollably. "What's so funny? How is any of this funny?" You said and he looked at you. "The look on his face after I punched him!" Two yelled and slapped his knee, standing up and getting out of the bush. You just shook your head and walked up the back stairs with him.

Music was still blasting and Two-Bit turned around. "Do you hear the song!" He said excited as Gloria by Van Morison echoed through the area along with his voice. He started doing air guitars and he looked at you "isn't my best friend in the whole world gonna join me? I'd enjoy it a hell of a lot more y/n!" He said and you gave in and spent the next 2 hours acting like a complete fool with Two-Bit.
A/N: this one is cringy I apologize and I can't think of one for Johnny!!

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