Your nickname for him

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Darry: muscle man (because he was always getting you to feel his biceps and abs, but you didn't mind;))

Steve: Phsyco Stevie ( he was always so hyper and in a goofy mood so to just called him that one day and he loved it.)

Two-bit: Goofy (one because he loves Mickey Mouse and there's a goofy in Mickey Mouse and second because he was always cracking jokes.)

Johnny: superman (you had watched Johnny go through the struggle with having abusive parents but you never seen him cry over it, one night you were cleaning a cut he had gotten from his dad and you smiled. "You're some tough when it comes to somethin' as bad as this, my superman!" And it stuck because he was your hero really.)

Ponyboy: sunshine (he was the light of your life, no matter what he always found a way to make to feel better and he loved taking you out to the lot or park to watch the sunrise or sunset so you started calling him sunshine.)

Sodapop: Doll (soda was always so sweet to you and he did anything for you because he loved you so much, and he was super attractive, so you called him doll all the time and he blushed everytime you did.)

Dally: Tuff guy (he was always protecting you and making you feel safe and loved. But still he managed to get in trouble with the fuzz at the same time, you called him tuff guy as a joke one time after you got him out if the cooler and he loved it so you kept calling him that.)

A:N: lol did everyone just randomly stop reading my work😂

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