Chapter 19- Real deal.

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" Where have you two been?" Liam said as Niall closed the door behind us. He stopped and took a good look at us.

" You are soaking wet !" Liam said and his voice got louder. 

Niall looked at me and we started laughing.

" What could possible be so funny?" Liam spit out. He was taking this so seriously.

But I couldn't. I didn't care if I would get a cold, or something like that.

I was with Niall. That was all that mattered.

"So?" Liam said and crossed his hands.

Niall slowly stopped laughing but his smile didn't go. He looked at me.

" We realised that we are made for each other" He said, staring deeply into my eyes.

I felt my body getting warmer. We forgot ourselves for a moment. Liam snapped his fingers.

" So you forgave ...him?" Liam said and looked at Niall. We looked at Liam.

Niall's smile disappeared and Liam looked down at his toes like he wasn't sure if it was right, or Niall was welcomed again.

" Liam, it was all a big misunderstanding, if I would have listen to Niall none of this would have happened. So now things can be normal again" I said straight out.

" Well, as long as you are happy" Liam said.

" Come here" I said and pulled Liam into a hug. He squeezed me tight.

" I just want you to be alright" Liam said and left out a relief breath.

" Trust me, I am" I said when we pulled away.

Liam looked at Niall who smiled weakly.

" Oh it isn't right to hate someone as adorable as you Niall" Liam said and hugged Niall. Niall winked me.

" Can we have the old Liam back now? I've missed him" Niall said when they let go and laughed.

" As soon as I switch clothes ! See what you did" Liam said laughing loudly. He was all wet after the long hugs.

" Everyone are happy now right ? Louis and Brittany, Niall and Marissa, Zayn and....well me....And believe me I think Harry is getting better...he has his depressed moments, but we help him work through it" Liam said and smiled. Then he walked into his bedroom to switch clothets.

" Oh my god, Ally" I whispered to myself when I remembered her. I totally forgot ! 

" What about her?" Niall asked surprised. I prayed that the letter was in my pocket. Which it was.

" Read it " I said and Niall took it.

When Niall was finished he looked at me.

" Why didn't you tell me ??" He asked and folded his arms.

" Erm, I don't know? We were busy having sex ! " I got pissed when Niall said this like it was my fault.

" You two had sex !?"  Zayn stood in the door, like he didn't know what to do. " Why are you wet?"

" Zayn, please not now" Niall said pissed.

" I'm gonna tell the lads" Zayn said and ran into the living room.

" Well this doesn't matter right now, what matters is we gotta find Ally" I said ignoring Zayn and waited for Niall's answer.

He bit his lip, like he was thinking what to do.

" But we don't know where she is" Niall said.

" No, we don't....but there's gotta be away to find her" I said more to myself. 

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