Chapter 25-His big blue eyes.

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 Hi loves , so sorry for all the waiting ! Please forgive me ! But this chapter is dedicated to @kassandra1Dlover24 :) She's so fabuLOUIS and great that I want to thank her for everything...she's amazayn, really. So thank you love ! It meant alot to me what you said, I will be forever thankful to you :) xx

 My feet started kicking and I wanted to go up to breath but I knew that if I would go up then I would maybe miss the chance to get Ally in time


I have to swim a little bit deeper, just do it.

I reached out my hand, for the last time. 

Cold steel. I found cold steel. 

I was at the bottom and I found Ally's chair. Then I found her. She wasn't moving. I grabbed the chair and spanned me from the bottom. I started to swim up as fast as I could. I needed to breath, and that fast.

It was so hard swimming with Ally but it was like I got some super strenght.

I gasped. Air. 

" ALLY ! " I heard Harry scream as I jumped into the ocean and before I knew it he took Ally and told me to swim to the stairs that leaded up to the lads who were waiting desperately.

I tried and tried but I was so tired.

" C'mon Niall you are almost there! " Louis yelled when I was so close to the stairs, with Harry and Ally right behind me.

Zayn reached out his hand and pulled me up when I was only up for few steps. I landed on the ground, I was exhausted. It stopped raining, I don't know when I just noticed it.

" Oh man, he's icy cold ! We need to get him home, NOW" Zayn said, but I think that no one heard him. He was standing over me , whispering that everything would be fine.

I closed my eyes and slowly fainted their voices away. 

Marissa's P.O.V

" Zayn ? Zayn where is he?" I started running to Zayn who stood up when he saw me. Zayn called me, saying that he was in the hospital and he needed to talk to me. It was about Niall.

" Marissa calm down, he's fine" Zayn looked around.

" What happened? Seriously Zayn tell me now, I'm freaking out ! "  I ran my fingers through my hair as a brunette nurse walked passed us.

" I think that Niall should tell you, he knows how to say it...but don't freak out, he's gonna be fine" 

I layed my head on Zayn's shoulders and gasped.

" Thank god"

We stood in that position for few long seconds.

" Where's Amelia?" Zayn asked and I looked at him.

" She's with Liam...I told him that I forgot to buy bread..I don't know why I said that" I said but remembered something else. 

" Good. He can't know about this..." Zayn said and put his hands into his pockets.

" Wait" I said and turned around. There's only one thing that Liam can't know about. That's the letters...Is Niall here because of the letters?

" Tell me Zayn" I said and turned around again to face him.

" 'I think you should wai..." I cut Zayn off.

" Now" 

Zayn tried to say something but always closed his mouth. At the end he sat down and stared infront of him.

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