Chapter 21- Over again.

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Niall's P.O.V

" Oh..." I said and watched her fingers play slowly with the strings.

" Mr.Horan, you are staring" She said and laughed softly.

I shook my head and found my cheeks blush. 

" I'm let's talk about what you know about guitars" I ran my fingers through my hair. Why couldn't I be professional today? And at Lenny's party? I don't remember meeting her ! I met alot of people, and got pretty drunk.

" Honestly, I know zero about them...I just want to learn from someone who is professional, and you look really like that. So calm and relaxed. I bet that you can sing too" She put up a flirty smile when she was finished.

She flipped her long hair so it fell behind her shoulder. She was wearing no makeup but she was still very beautiful.

" Mr. Horan, you are staring again" She said and laughed little bit louder then before. " See something that you like?" She asked still wearing the flirty smile, that totally worked.

" I'm so sorry, I'm just trying to remember when I met you, but please, call me Niall" She didn't seem to like it when I said that I was trying to remember her. She tried to defend herself.

" Well it seems that the way you look at me that I might be pretty memorable" She started playing the strings one by one so the sound filled the room.

" This is getting...well I don't know but why not start? So tell me what you know, it doesn't have to be much" I don't know if it was just me but it was getting really hot in there and I started to sweat in my palms. She looked me in the eyes and begun to tell me what she knew. 

" So not that much" She said and flushed. I wish that I hadn't be just staring back. I forgot to listen. What was she doing to me? Did George put something in my coffee?


" See you tomorrow Niall" George said smiling when I was about to walk out of the door. I was finished for the day finally. After my first class the day had been strange and I couldn't focus. I knew here but....why couldn't I remember it ?

" Bye George" I answered right before the door closed behind me.

I was putting the car key in the door when I heard someone yelling.

" Mr. Horan ! " 

I turned around and saw Andrea come running towards me. I looked around to check if she was alone, and she was.

" What are you doing here? It's been like 8 hours since you left" I said confused. " And please call me Niall" 

" I know, look Lenny couldn't pick me up and Roger is at business trip and I don't know the bus system yet so I was just hanging around at the coffee shop down the road and....yeah....I was just gonna ask you if I could tag along with you?" She smiled an awkward smile and waited for me to answer.

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