Chapter 30- The mysterious date.

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Marissa's P.O.V

" Ally...what if I'm know?" I whispered to Ally when Niall and Harry were saying goodbye to Louis and Brittany who had to stay the night.

Ally looked at me.

" You should take a test....just to be sure.." She whispered back.

" Hey guys? Since we are out we could say hi to Liam?" Ally said. 

Harry and Niall turned around and looked at each other.

" Sure" Harry then said and turned back to Louis.

" Why?" I asked. Ally blinked me.

" Trust me on this one love" She said.

We said goodbye to Louis and Brittany.

When we were almost at Liams, Ally asked if we could stop by a store that was open 24/7.

" What on earth would you have to buy so late?" Harry asked as he did what his love asked for.

" You don't wanna know" Ally answered and jumped out of the car soon as Harry parked.

" She's crazy....but I love her" Harry said dreamy as he watched her run inside the store.

Niall looked at me and took my hand.

" Know how you are feeling bro" Niall said without taking his eyes off me.

I smiled and looked out of the window until Ally came back.

" What did you buy love?" Harry asked and drove away.

" Just a little something...also your favorite" Ally said as she dragged up Twix.

Harry gasped and placed a quick kiss on her cheek. " You're welcome" she said smiling.


Before I knew it we were inside Liam's apartment.

" Actually, I gotta date guys..." Liam said.

" That late?" I asked surprised.

" She just went home  to get her toothbrush and something...the traffic is awful now so she's been a while...but just come on in"

Who is this mysterious girl?

" But poor Louis and Brittany ! Thank god that the baby is alive"Liam said as he sat down.

" When did you go visiting them?" Niall asked.

I found my phone vibrating in my pocket. I took it up and read a text message from Ally.

Mrs.Styles:" Pregnancy test in the pocket of my jacket...go now"

I looked at Ally who nodded her head slowly.

" Can you come with me? I can't look at the results"

" Where are you going?" Harry asked when Ally stood up. I did the same.

" We have to private..just a girly thing" Ally said and bent over to kiss Harry.

We left the living room and Ally waited outside while I did my thing. When I was finished I washed my hands, opened the door and handed Ally the stick.

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