Last Chapter-Forever.

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" What are we doing ?" I heard Liam said but more to himself.

We all stood there, kinda in shock. This was so unreal. After many months of torture, she admit that she was the person behind the letters. She did it all. Lenny. 

This sounded so stupid in my head. We are mature, but this had to happen. 

" We have to go home" Niall suddenly said and grabbed my arm, dragging me a cross the room.

" I'll come with you, Harry and Ally...come with me" Liam said and grabbed his car keys that were on the end of the couch. 

" C'mon" Niall said without letting my hand go and we ran to the car. Together.

" Fasten your seatbelt...this is gonna be a hell of a ride" Niall said without looking at me.

" Do it" I didn't know that I was staring at him until he said these words. 

I grabbed the seatbelt and got it fasten.

Before I knew it we were on the road. Liam was right behind us.

" Do you think that Zayn is alright?" I asked.

" Shit" Niall murmured. " I forgot about him"

" He's with Amelia" I said and found that my voice was shaking. What if everything hadn't turned out good?

What if Andrea was going to do something, since we left?

" Babe, breath...Zayn knows how much we love her" Niall took my hand and looked at me for few seconds smiling.

" Alright....I'm trying" I closed my eyes and squeezed his hand. I always did it when I was nervous and now I really was.

I opened my eyes and looked out of the window. It was November 30th but still the christmas lights were already up. Only 7 days until our anniversary. We've been married for 4 years. I still can't believe it.

" What are you thinking?" Niall suddenly asked so all the memories that I was thinking of got blurry as I looked at him.

" Nothing" I said and smiled.

" You are thinking about our life together aren't you?" Niall asked and smiled. He had his eyes on the road as he smiled to himself. I could see that he was tense, but he was trying to stay calm for me. If he knew how much I loved him.

" Maybe, but we should be focusing on something else..shouldn't we?" I felt guilty to smile when I didn't know how Zayn's plan worked out.

" Trust Zayn love, he knows what he's doing" Now Niall squeezed my hand.

I waited for the comfort smile to come upon his face but it didn't come this time. 

" Niall? Everything is under control...isn't it?" I let his hand go and looked straight at him.

But Niall didn't answer me.

Where were the words? The words that he was supposed to say to calm me down, to make me believe that everything was under control? He's always right, why not say it then?

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