Chapter 31- Moments.

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 First...... I CAN'T THANK YOU ENOUGH I HAVE MORE THAN 50 THOUSAND READS ON SAVE ME FROM MY OWN D. ! I couldn't do that without you guys, please let me love you ! Oh god ! And I have news...this story is ending, but I have one chapter left....32 chapters this story will be, and this is the 31....But im not writing a goodbye letter now haha, so just, enjoy this chapter my loves ! This chapter is dedicated to all of the people that have left a comment, vote, or most of all, read the book ! because I do love you ! Believe me ! I can't tell it in words, that's how much I care for you !

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Hands are silent

Voice is numb

Try to scream out my lungs

It makes this harder

And the tears stream down my face

" What?" 

" Oh fuck"

"He's gonna snap isn't he?" 

Everyone were talking. But I just heard Liam's voice.

" What is she talking about Marissa? Drugs? Who ?Marissa? ANSWER ME"

" You little bitch" Lenny grinned but her smile disappeared when I jumped at her so she fell down on her back, with me on top of her.

" This is for telling" I said and punched her in the face.

" This is for all the letters" I said and punched her again. My fists hurt. I think that I broke her nose...but I didn't care.

" And this is for touching my brother" I was gonna hit her bloody ass face one more time but I felt cramp in my stomach and stopped. I put my hand on my stomach and tried to breath normally but it was hard.

" Marissa" Ally said as she ran to me but I looked at Lenny who stared at my stomach. Then at me.

Then she quickly punched me in the stomach, causing me to scream. Not just because of pain. Because of my baby.

Niall wrapped his hands around me and lifted me up.

" Are you alright? What happened?" Niall asked me confused. But I didn't answer. I just watched Liam run to Lenny. God it hurt.

" Oh god Lenny are you alright?" Liam ran to her.

" No, did you see that ! Liam ! " She started crying in his arms.

" Were you telling the truth Lenny?" Liam asked and looked at me.

" Yes...I know it because my ex boyfriend was her drug dealer. And what I mean by ex is because your little sister and Niall killed him ! " 

I gasped. How could she? She had all the power to make Liam believe her, because she had probably his heart now. I was about to lose my big brother. Every minuet now.

" What? Marissa is this true ? Did you use drugs? For how long?" Liam stared into my eyes.

I looked at Niall who looked back at me.

" You can do it" He whispered before he let me go.

" Yes, yes I did. I used heroin" I ran my fingers through my hair. This is the moment. This is it.

" But Marissa..." I cut Liam off by saying his name.

" Let me talk now" 

Liam stared at me. 

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