Ship imagines for a verity of fandoms  by lemur_goddes
Ship imagines for a verity of lemur_goddes
This is a story with imagines for the ships of many different fandoms. Available fandoms include -Mcr -Sherlock -Doctor who (ish) -Ms Peregrin's -Harry Potter -Tfi...
  • fandom
  • ferrard
  • ships
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Can't Help Falling in love by Ladeduzione
Can't Help Falling in loveby La Scienza della Deduzione
Gli uomini saggi dicono che è stupido essere precipitosi, ma come posso fare a meno di innamorarmi di te?
  • sherlockholmes
  • johnlock
  • johnwatson
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Spies and Snipers MBS by MaggieMcRender
Spies and Snipers MBSby Maggie McRender
I was never a good girl~
  • sad
  • fun
  • sniper
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Au pays de Jimmy by SherlockxMolly
Au pays de Jimmyby SherlockxMolly
Parodie de ''Au pays de Candy'' que j'ai imaginer en entendant le generique. Fanart de LoupdeMort (moriarty) Fanart de lexieken (Sherlock, john et Molly)
  • chanson
  • parodie
  • sebbastian
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femme fatale. [mb.s] by scandaIous
femme fatale. [mb.s]by t h e w o m a n .
this is how I want you to remember me. the woman who beat you.
  • sherlockholmes
  • ireneadler
  • johnlock
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Benedict Is The Type by sherlocking25
Benedict Is The Typeby sherlocking25
Benedict es el tipo de novio que haría todo lo que vas a leer ♥♥♥♥ ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- No se aceptan...
  • dr
  • cumberbatch
  • londres
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Fandom requests by AskEllaBarnes
Fandom requestsby AskEllaBarnes
Want an imagine with your favourite characters? Want a one shot about your favourite ships? Wants to be in the story. Look no longer I'm doing requests
  • avengers
  • marvel
  • drwho
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Gay Imagines by OuterspaceSebby
Gay Imaginesby •Seb•
Just.... just all the gay you can gay... it's so gay... it gays.
  • gaypride
  • marvel
  • supernatural
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May I Have This Dance?   (Sherlock x Reader) by MrsYamazaki1502
May I Have This Dance? ( MrsYamazaki1502
one shot of you meeting sherlock at a dance and him finding feelings for you. You are 5 10 ft and he is 6ft so have fun! Also! while you are reading this, listen to perf...
  • dance
  • perfect
  • sherlock
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Sherlock BBC by drxma-qxeen
Sherlock BBCby Sherlock Holmes
John Watson (Martin Freeman), an Army doctor injured in Afghanistan, meets Sherlock Holmes (Benedict Cumberbatch) who is looking for a flatmate to share a flat at 221B B...
  • watson
  • bbc
  • holmes
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Andrew Scott Imagines(The correct version) by Histruedaughter-Lily
Andrew Scott Imagines(The Andrew Scott
All you guys love andrew so we want to imagine what would happen if you spent a day with him there will be a surprise at the end how will you respond?-Lily and Andrew
  • moriarty
  • sherlock
Detective Notes •English Version• by YeshaRocks
Detective Notes •English Version•by Skyler_ann
" do not trust no one but yourself. Because trust me. Even the people you love can betray you without a doubt."-Detective Shinichi [ Mystery Thriller Story ] ...
  • corpse
  • smart
  • decode
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Requests by SuperWhoLock_AKF
Requestsby SuperWhoLock_AKF
Leave your requests here please! It's easier to find them in one place.
  • sherlock
  • requestsbook
  • supernatural
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RANTING AND RAVING by freeunicornhugs
RANTING AND RAVINGby ~ċһєєṡє_ıṭṡ_ȏṭƿṡ~
Rants, theories, mourning, debates, and every thing else violent and passionate having to do with Fandoms...and this should also explain why I have no life. 🦄🦄🦄🦄🦄�...
  • nolife
  • mourning
  • debate
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Two Shots [Johnlock angst] ✔ by Enemia
Two Shots [Johnlock angst] ✔by Enemia
Lestrade ho jen pozoroval. Pozoroval tu ztrhanou trosku, kterou se jeho přítel stával - pozoroval člověka, který se opíjel a poté neustále prosil u náhrobku svého přítel...
  • johnwatson
  • lestrade
  • slash
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Sober Up (Basically me geeking out over different topics) by AwstensGuitar
Sober Up (Basically me geeking lost boy
Yeah There might be spoilers to certain things but if you read the title of the chapter, you know you can ignore it until you've seen the movie/show/etc
  • bands
  • sherlock
  • theoffice
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Johnlock: love's the game by destieltrashmammal
Johnlock: love's the gameby trashmammal
just a nice a nice Johnlock fluff just simple and sweet.~ Sherlock has started to realize that he's fallen for john. He already knows john likes him, after all you cant...
  • violin
  • sherlock
  • rain
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The Tables Are Turned by HamiltonPotterNerd
The Tables Are Turnedby Megan Elizabeth Russell
Charlotte was Sherlock's high school sweetheart, but she was brutally murdered, the reason for Sherlock's spiral of drug abuse. But the tables have been turned, and Jim...
  • charlotte
  • highschool
  • flirting
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The school girl  by eRiccoleti
The school girl by eRiccoleti
In this chapter Sherlock is trying to find a case
  • fanfiction
  • sherlock
  • watson