Chapter 13- Truth or Lies?

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Marissa's P.O.V

I was at the Coffey shop, waiting for Zayn. I played with my phone in my hands and looked out of the window. I was traversing over all the words I was gonna say when Zayn would come in and have a seat infront of me. I couldn't compose my brain.

I found that I was sweating. I couldn't take this anymore.

I heard the bell ring and Zayn looked around in the door. When he saw me his features changed when he saw me. I knew what he was thinking. This was gonna be something big.

" Hi" He said and sat infront of me on an old chair that fitted the other furniture in this little coffe shop.

" What can I get you?" A girl asked with a big smile. Zayn looked at me and took of his coat and scarf.

" Nothing for me" I said and looked down and pretended to be at the phone.

" I'm gonna get something later, thank you" Zayn said and smiled. The girl blushed and walked away smiling.

" Alright, what is going on? Because Harry and Louis are mad as hell. I talked to them before I came to you, they were at our flat" Zayn said and bit his lower lip.

" Did they say anything to Liam?Wait, Harry?" I got tensed up. If they would say why they're mad, they would have to say everything.

" No, I talked to them..I said that I was gonna talk to you"  He said and looked me right into they eyes.

" Did they tell you..." I looked away, in case if I would tear up.

" Yes....Did you write them?"

I looked at Zayn surprised that he would even think that.

" No I did not !  I didn't even know that Harry got one ! " I yelled ,causing everyone to look at me. Zayn told me to calm down.

I noticed that I was standing, leaning over to Zayn.

" Sit down Marissa" Zayn said focused. I sat down and everyone started doing what they did before.

" I would never write them a letter...never" 

" Could you tell me about these letters you are always talking about?" Zayn asked. He was confused.

I took a deep breath.

" You should order you something because this is gonna take a while"

Niall's P.O.V

I ripped the picture in pieces and threw it away. Why would someone do something like this? 

I heard the sound of a car come closer to the house and saw the taxi wait for me. I put the letter in my pocket and ran to the car.


" What are you doing here?" Louis opened the door when I had knocked on it until he came.

" Where's Marissa?" I didn't notice Louis's cold greeting.

" She's not here" He said and was about to close the door when I saw what was coming so I put my  hand on the door.

" Let me in" I said and Louis was shocked that I pushed the door.

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