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A Love Like No Other by Princess4ever
A Love Like No Otherby Princess
Charlotte Leclair was asked to do the biggest thing known to werewolves; let her mate love another. "I would give up anything in the world to make him happy, even...
  • someone
  • romance
  • love
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My Ex Boyfriend's Obsession(COMPLETED) by blacklydian_6
My Ex Boyfriend's Obsession( Lai_Lanie
What if your ex want a come back?Are you giving him a chance? Kaizer Montenegro is a very posessive man,he doesn't share beacause "whats mine is mine"he said.B...
  • romance
  • someone
  • alexis
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Someone's In My Head (WATTYS AWARD WINNER 2015) by StevenSteel
Someone's In My Head (WATTYS Steven Steel
BOOK ONE OF THE WICKERNHAM TRILOGY - WATTYS AWARD WINNER - - #1 IN SCIENCE FICTION - After a close brush with death, Jarod ends up in a hospital, traumatized but...
  • funny
  • scifi
  • fiction
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101 Psychology Facts by Teenage_Mind
101 Psychology Factsby Teenage_Mind
Here you can find some interesting psychology facts.
  • sleep
  • psychological
  • people
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That Perfect Someone by lazyakabookworm
That Perfect Someoneby book.worm
RK and Madhu have been craving for love all their live. Fate intervenes and brings them together by getting them engaged to each other so their cousins can marry. Cover...
  • story
  • rishabala
  • someone
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Poems for Someone by dousseat
Poems for Someoneby cσsмσℓιтεяαтυяε
Poems made for a specific and special someone written by different authors. ©️dousseat 2019
  • wattys2019
  • someone
  • poerty
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sun is still a star | short story by Kaceyyy_AKO
sun is still a star | short storyby Alainah Ocampo
This is a collection of short stories or one-shots about me when I suffered from depression and how I survived. "If in their journey they met new people who will te...
  • myself
  • inspiring
  • shortstory
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As I Watch Him Fall - Ricci Rivero [ONE SHOT✔️]  by MissAesthetic_
As I Watch Him Fall - Ricci ubelle🖕
"And this is my watch him fall for someone else" Bookcover made by: @yulheerie
  • sacrifices
  • 100
  • ricci
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Tag Someone Who... by uwu-chewy-uwu
Tag Someone e̸m̸m̸a̸
Tag the person who you feel fits the statement :D
  • smile
  • friendship
  • tagbook
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Define Love by _clingystyles
Define Loveby emma.
in which the popular boy starts to receive notes in his locker, and he's intrigued by them.
  • sticky
  • notes
  • someone
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Someone [ARYA STARK] by Incxptions
Someone [ARYA STARK]by ≻serena≺
"She's a wolf, a true fighter." ✧ - incxptions
  • assassin
  • winterfell
  • westeros
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Tag someone who.... by koalafancy
Tag someone 💎Lyss💎
Tag someone who... Makes you happy Who makes you laugh Who....
  • someone
  • tag
  • friendship
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~MESSAGES~ : Brought to you by storm_yeti by Mama_Vintage
~MESSAGES~ : Brought to you by storm_yeti
Any A/N to followers.
  • notes
  • someone
  • writingbuddy
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A Human Feeling | a collection of poems by LaurenMGranich
A Human Feeling | a collection Lauren :)
some are happy some are sad some are just for fun some are disturbingly real all are the truth poems by Lauren M. Granich
  • sick
  • lightening
  • feel
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41 Ways to Kill Someone With a Banana by FaitheFayFaeOndracek
41 Ways to Kill Someone With a Faithe Ondracek
  • banana
  • kill
  • ways
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I Want To Break Free ❤ Harry Styles Fanfiction by justacupcakething
I Want To Break Free ❤ Harry justacupcakething
This is Amber Carter's story. Her life completely changed over a night. Something she'll never forget and something she has to live with for the rest of her life. She go...
  • shouldikeepwriting
  • 1dfanfiction
  • pleasereadthis
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Help Me (danti)  by Dantifan1234
Help Me (danti) by Dantifan1234
Anti is begging for someone to help but he every time someone trys he acts as if nothing is wrong. He feels like he's falling apart but he doesnt want to show it so he d...
  • darkiplier
  • someone
  • danti
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Sad Love Story by imyoursandyouremine
Sad Love Storyby imyoursandyouremine
A compilation of poems. A Poem Story. Hope you'll enjoy! :) Your votes and comments will be highly appreciated. Thank you :)
  • gone
  • someone
  • fairytales
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Damsel in Distress (OHSHC) DISCONTINUED!! by iamCereaL
Damsel in Distress (OHSHC) The delicious Cereal-sama
---------------------------------------------D I S C O N T I N U E D------------------------------------------------ The Toshibara family is always treated like Royalty...
  • dirtehminds
  • sparkles
  • hikaru
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ASS STORY (END) by fdyhsptrz
ASS STORY (END)by fadiyahtiara
Seorang Gadis yang sangat mencintai pria 'dingin'. Harapannya tak pernah pupus selagi masih ada peluang. Ia terus berjuang mendapatkan hati sang 'pangerannya'. Akankah i...
  • hurt
  • teenfiction
  • bestfriend
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