The Beach House by Reekles
The Beach Houseby Beth Reeks
**This is a novella to my book The Kissing Booth, but if you don't mind some spoilers, feel free to read on regardless!** It's summer, and for Rochelle and her best frie...
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Summer Rain by JJJiangx
Summer Rainby JJ Jiang
[Includes Something about Summer & After Rain] Raine Evans had everything. Okay, maybe not. So she avoided her problems a bit too much and didn't have the best past, but...
  • challenge
  • university
  • love
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The Color Of Love by imastupididyut
The Color Of Loveby imastupididyut
Divorce is never easy. Especially when there are children involved. Not unless the divorce happened when you were still in nappies and you went to live with one parent a...
  • betrayal
  • sharing
  • nitch
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Night In A Plane✔ by Veenu_Sk
Night In A Plane✔by veenu
*Rank ⭐16 in short stories, on 13th March 2018. Night in a plane is a short story of Ganesh and Naina. Those who had read my story Hate or love but you are mine, have al...
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  • plane
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Rain by ManiaPug
Rainby yellowisahappycolor
Since he was born, Patrick has been different. While normal kids have allergies to peanuts or dairy... Patrick is allergic to water. Patrick has given up on doing things...
  • wattys2018
  • drama
  • peterick
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Can't sleep? Me too... by serenitymoonstars
Can't sleep? Me too...by Serenity
Random thoughts
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Pluviophilosophic by doubtfulbrilliance
Pluviophilosophicby Mika
for someone who became my whole world within four days
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BARSAAT ki ek raat by sarun786
BARSAAT ki ek raatby sarun786
Both of them met in Rain and without knowing his background she got carried away with his sizzling hot passionate night Who is he? What relation he share with her Peep i...
  • arshisarun
  • sizzling
  • khushiarnavsinghraizada
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Give 'em hell (10k x reader) by Neave2003
Give 'em hell (10k x reader)by Neave
She's been with Operation Bitemark since the team first formed. Before it was overrun by Zs, she was Camp Blue Sky's best shooter, but 10k could give her a run for her m...
  • zs
  • warren
  • rain
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Rainy -Ziam- |Alfa/Beta/Omega| M-preg. by Always_Nina
Rainy -Ziam- |Alfa/Beta/Omega| M-p...by Nina
Advertencias: Lenguaje explicito. Escenas de sexo H/H. Embarazo masculino.
  • lluvia
  • gay
  • raynie
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rain | hwang hyunjin by springcrush-
rain | hwang hyunjinby springcrush-
"she healed him on rainy monday but it's not enough."
  • fanfiction
  • kwoneunbin
  • straykids
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When It Rains In Ocala by writerbug44
When It Rains In Ocalaby Madeline
Never was there a girl so innocent, so good. So clueless to how this world works. She fell hard and fast for the boy in the rain. Never was there a love so pure, so perf...
  • meet
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  • rain
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Sweetheart by angelmikki
Sweetheartby angelmikki
It was Rainy night. Rain was cascading down continuously outside without stopping for a moment just like the man inside was not ready to stop today from making love to...
  • maneetnewff
  • rain
  • mature
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The Storm Comes Before The Rainbow by ManiaPug
The Storm Comes Before The Rainbowby yellowisahappycolor
•••Sequel to Rain••• Pete Wentz and Patrick Stump are high school sweethearts. Correction: were Pete and Wentz and Patrick Stump were high school sweethearts up until th...
  • brendonurie
  • patrickstump
  • peterick
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Poseidon's Girl by weedly
Poseidon's Girlby weedly
[Highest Rank: #3 in Romance] "Tell me to kiss you," he whispered so quiet and husk I wouldn't have heard if he wasn't my main focus of attention. "N...
  • wattys2018
  • romance
  • blue
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Rain by ju7393
Rainby Juana Vargas
Katsuki and Izuku were caught in a rain storm on their way to UA. They were the only two at the school at the time. All of the students had been informed that classes...
  • onesidedlove
  • midoriyaizuku
  • izuku
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The Secret Of Rain by axsthxticquxxn
The Secret Of Rainby ♕ PYNK ♕
Rain Riverton has never felt loved. Switching from a set of parents per year seemed to be her usual life. Just when she discovers that she is extraordinary and actually...
  • love
  • wattys2017
  • rain
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Rain - A Zombie Apocalypse Story - by ReissRow
Rain - A Zombie Apocalypse Story -by Ross
Rain falls from the clouds and plummets down to the lands where it is then devoured by the earth. Rain is what helps the earth and its inhabitants thrive; but now, rain...
  • sydney
  • horror
  • dead
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When the Rain Comes (Love Journeys South, Book 2) by cradle_life
When the Rain Comes (Love Journeys...by Vladislava Mari
Seth Carthwrite chose the way of the prodigal son, confident in his keen sense of intuition and sharp wit. So what is he to do when both let him down? Sentenced to priso...
  • southern
  • histrorical
  • love
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When He Returns. by LizzyVZ
When He Returns.by LizzyVZ
Completed. *** Luke Todd Woods. Those three words always seem to stir up unexpected feelings inside of Rain Winters. It use to be good, intoxicating feelings... But then...
  • love
  • feelings
  • sofia
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