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My lord and his mistress by DearestShookenkooky
My lord and his mistressby aSuGaKoOkIeWiThTaE
*VERY MATURE CONTENT WITHIN* I wasn't partial living in a man's home I had literally no clue of. It slightly disturbed me, but Im getting used to living here. Strange ho...
  • rain
  • france
  • kkidnapped
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Learning to Dance in the Rain by knightsrachel
Learning to Dance in the Rainby Rachel
Completed. Holly Gardener grew up with four brothers, and more recently a single dad. So being a competitive dancer, and National Junior Dancer of the Year at the age of...
  • dance
  • war
  • relationships
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The Boy in the Rain//Klance by StrangeShipper
The Boy in the Rain//Klanceby Rey
How ironic it would be that the first and last times I had seen him would be with him standing in the rain. Face tilted high, like he wasn't afraid. Yet you could see th...
  • pidge
  • längst
  • death
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The Broken Fade by RainingPotato
The Broken Fadeby Lim Mei Lin
16 year-old beauty Emma Collins thought she that she was leading a perfectly perfect life until the arrival of the heart crumbling news of her parents' death appear at h...
  • rain
  • search
  • royce
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My Life by miss_queen_of_cali
My Lifeby Minnie Patton
This is just a story of my life. How I grew up and what not. I have been through a lot and hope many of you read this and just feel like you and your life matters.
  • thereisnorainbowwithoutalittlerain
  • mystory
  • whoiam
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My sky  by user59720634
My sky by PandaXx
A short story that shapes the way we perceive the world . Written by me on Holliday in Dorset and all of its beautiful winding hills . Enjoy and please leave feedback I'...
  • sky
  • story
  • river
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Dandelion Rain by Cassia_Black
Dandelion Rainby Cassia Black
Every time you hear about a suicide, it's always the victim who gets sympathy. But, the victims aren't always the only ones who deserve it. ***based on a true story, th...
  • rain
  • depression
  • heaven
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The Rain by ir6610
The Rainby ir6610
A man alone
  • ghost
  • pain
  • abandonment
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The Inevitable Destiny of Two Strangers by YenOrias
The Inevitable Destiny of Two Stra...by YenOrias
Destiny is a spool of thread. It unravels on its own accord.
  • waitingshed
  • undiscovered
  • attraction
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Give me a Reason by peacel0ve
Give me a Reasonby .
  • live
  • endings
  • dreams
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THE CAMP OF LEGEND PART 14: NIGHT...by RobertHelliger
On Friday the 13th, 2031, Jason Voorhees returns to Camp Crystal Lake, where the the blood drenched horror of the past continues to hold every camper, counsellor, and lo...
  • teen
  • hammock
  • cook
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Blood and Rain ( A Fullmetal alchemist story .) by Kfoxfire
Blood and Rain ( A Fullmetal alche...by Liam :)
Noire the nightmare Alchemist. Younger sister of Rose Thomas comes to central to trick some people out there cash when she meet a odd young girl. warring, language. (...
  • rose
  • kid
  • funny
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Chaotic Silence by WinterBrilliance
Chaotic Silenceby Lyric
Oblivion. Where everything that doesn't exist happens to be living. Dragons, Merfolk, Demonics. They're all there. Most of them are wild and savage. A few are wild...
  • lithium
  • rain
Parade by LonelyTomato
Paradeby Shay Norris
  • goodbye
  • parade
  • rain
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Skies Will Cry by LeahJulesColebrooke
Skies Will Cryby Leah_jules
Eva Findlay, the girl next door Casper Ripley, the best friend's big brother Damon Goodwin, the bad boy
  • rain
  • bestfriendsbrother
  • bestfriends
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Writing Challenges by PrincessMoon07
Writing Challengesby PrincessMoon07
Writing challenges
  • rain
  • thunder
  • lightening
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A hike up the Alps by MaazSoomro
A hike up the Alpsby Maaz Soomro
This is a travel recollection of what it was like hiking 2300 meters, how I tackled my fear of heights, what it was like being in the Alps for the very first time and we...
  • travel
  • castle
  • germany
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Drip and Shine by Determination-san
Drip and Shineby BEEP
"Grab my hand for we will both make a rainbow!" A Senior boy says as the rain girl grip his hand, seeing the beauty of colors that is born within our eyes. ...
  • love
  • story
  • rainbow
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Rain Dance by MySunflowerLilies
Rain Danceby MySunflowerLilies
The Poem Rain Dance, By WinterRose8
  • dance
  • rain
  • years