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The Vampire's Pet (On Hold) by RachelNorth2288
The Vampire's Pet (On Hold)by Undertale au's are my life
"You wouldn't care if you're significant other never grew old? Never died?" I look at him slowly. "No," I state, "As long as he loves me enough...
  • neck
  • slave
  • vampiremaster
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My Ticklish Little Slave by Ticklishgirl101
My Ticklish Little Slaveby Ticklishgirl101
A girl, who gets kidnapped in the parks, tied and tickled merciless, nobody hearing her squeals of ticklish laughter..
  • slave
  • kidnapped
  • tickle
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Brutal, bloody mentor. by JadeG22
Brutal, bloody Jade
Cato won the games. Brutal bloody Cato is the mentor for the fragile Deja, the golden specked eyed girl. His baby elephant. She's not girl on fire, Cato made sure she wa...
  • passion
  • die
  • hearbreak
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lime st. (sam bowden) by takenoverr
lime st. (sam bowden)by takenoverr
one song, one stormy night, one hotel room, one guitar. lime st.
  • daniwashington
  • mattwest
  • filthorpe
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Dying to Have your Baby [A Hunter Hayes pregnancy imagine + sm*ut] by 1DSmuttyFanFiction
Dying to Have your Baby [A 1DSmuttyFanFiction
A girl! Your and Hunter's first baby was going to be a girl! You two couldnt't be happier but then destiny strikes leaving you with some kind of toxic reaction to the pr...
  • fluff
  • wedding
  • bed
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Pets Must Be Punished  by dragonfly13-
Pets Must Be Punished by dragonfly13-
For ivory,life as a pet is misery,everything is a fight to survive.But when she gets owned by greedy vampire things take a different turn...
  • hungry
  • healing
  • jewel
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Dared. by shelbsters15
#7 Shelby :)
Lyric Martin has always had it all. A perfect family, friends, and everyone has always loved her. Until one day when she is dared to jump off of a roof of an old abandon...
  • week
  • snicker
  • tears
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Sonnets by CalebPaul
Sonnetsby Caleb
The most beautiful form of poetry in my opinion. :)
  • forget
  • failed
  • lasting
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Zero is my Vampire Knight by Maccaroni
Zero is my Vampire Knightby Madi
Chika has taken crap from everybody, nearly her whole life. Her dad thinks so low of her that he beats her up every night because of what she didn't do and none of the p...
  • tears
  • wood
  • similarities
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Shinpi by liIyflower
Shinpiby Ren Shiro
One day a teenage boy gets a knock at his door and an owl invites him to a prestigious school. The only weird thing is it's a school for magic but he can't use magic. He...
  • kitsune
  • inu
  • neck
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Sold to The Vampire Prince by Moon_Girl495
Sold to The Vampire Princeby Lovely
Violet was kidnapped, Violet was offered to an auction, Violet… is sold to the vampire prince.
  • peyton
  • swing
  • prince
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Immoral Pleasures // Negan x Rick  by K_Queen69
Immoral Pleasures // Negan x Rick by Kourtney Krista Kangaroo
Rick just can't seem to leave his prisoner alone...
  • sasha
  • maggie
  • rick
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XXX. by boysdontcry-
#14 lost
poems 2018
  • bythe
  • better
  • tố
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Dear readers, by Pryde7
Dear readers,by Pryde7
This is exactly what it sounds like. Basically a diary that can be freely read by anyone on Wattpad who wants to read it. Everything written here is true and it is all f...
  • awesome
  • disgusting
  • ate
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Doki Doki Literature Club //Spoilers// FINISHED. by OhayoAmigo
Doki Doki Literature Club // OhayoAmigo
In this book I will tell you about theories and spoilers of the famous Doki Doki Literature Club. (Even If no one needs this I will still do it) I also get a lot of the...
  • dokidokiliteratureclub
  • ddlc
  • yuri
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Crushing Grief (Ben Barlow) by haiimsofia
Crushing Grief (Ben Barlow)by haiimsofia
Sofia is just a ordinary 19-year-old girl living in the suburbs of the UK. One night she goes out to see one of her favorite bands (Neck Deep) play live with her best fr...
  • neck
  • filthorpe
  • benbarlow
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A vampire kidnapped me!!! Wait a vampire!!! by soccerfreak22
A vampire kidnapped me!!! Wait a soccerfreak22
A girl coming back from a party. A man appears and the girl is taken find out what happens!
  • vampire
  • world
  • scared
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The Little Things; Ziall & Larry (AU) *Completed* by BeTheChange
The Little Things; Ziall & Larry ( Leam
Mullingar Ireland has stories behind every hill, every hunched shoulder, and every eye. The whisper of silent prayers and arguments swirls with the wind, and the pain of...
  • leone
  • lead
  • unquenchable
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Neck Kisses by FloralFlowerss
Neck Kissesby FloralFlowerss
  • ophelia
  • sad
  • song
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