Chapter 5- I'm sorry that I hurt you.

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" I just called the lads" I heard Niall say when I walked into the kitchen after the shower. I picked a comfy outfit, after this day I would need to wear one.

" And?" I asked and took a glass and turned on he cold water.

" None of them confessed" Niall murmured. 

I put my finger under he cold water. A little reality check. I filled the glass of water, turned it off and looked at Niall.

" Told you so" I said and drank all the icy cold water.

Niall rolled his eyes. He ran his fingers through his hair.

" I'm not in the mood for this" Niall said and stood up.

" Seriously Niall, not in the mood for this ?! All of the boys said that they didn't do it , and you just decide to walk away from this...didn't you read the letter?" I was getting really annoyed. Why didn't he open his eyes and see the goddamn fact, this wasn't a prank.

Niall closed his eyes and shook his head.

" You are acting ridiculous Marissa" He said calm and rested his hands on his waist. " You are going out of your mind over some stupid letter, that I bet , is a prank...the lads are hiding something I heard it in Louis voice" Niall said.

I left out a heavy breathed sound and my nails hurt my fists.

" What do I have to do so you open your fucking eyes Niall ! " I almost yelled. I was mere tick of going overboard.

Niall was surprised by my answer.

" First, stop acting like an idiot....that would be a nice start" He said and turned around, starting to walk out of the kitchen.

" I'ts better to be an idiot that protect his family then a coward that's acting like an 12 year old" I said loud enough for Niall to hear. He slowly turned around. He wasn't amused. But why did I care. He could just go fuck himself.

" Go fuck yourself Niall" The words slipped out of my mouth. It was too late.

Niall turned slowly around. His calm mood got away and his face showed anger. His hands got closed into his fists as he walked forward to me and dared me to repeat what I said.

" Go.fuck.yourself" I repeat. I felt Niall's breath on my lips and he stared right into my face.

Suddenly I found his warm hand on my cheek, but just for a little while. I fell on the floor. My hands were on my cheek were Niall had just had his hand few seconds ago. My cheek got so hot, like it was burning. I looked at Niall who was breathing heavily.

Without saying a word, I stood up and walked passed him. Amelia was busy playing in her room with her dolls so she didn't witness it when her father laid his hands on her mother like that for the first time. I closed the door gently behind me so Amelia wouldn't wake up from her own doll world.I locked the door and  with my back against the door , I slowly ran down and ended sitting on the floor with my face buried in my hand. The tears streamed down. Not just because of what Niall did. Was I sad? Yes, was I hurt? Yes, Was I scared? Yes.

" Marissa babe? I'm so sorry.. I...I didn't mean to hurt you" Niall knocked despretally on the floor.

I didn't answer him. I stood up and let myself fall on the bed and crawled myself together.

" Open the door Marissa, please" Niall begged. I listened to Niall beg for about 10 minuets before I fell asleep.

"Marissa, dinner is ready babe" I woke up by Niall's soft voice. " I don't know what I was thinking, I'm so confused...please just come out...I miss you" His voice cracked in the end.

I slowly opened my eyes and the tears started running down my face again. I heard him let out a loud breath.

" I miss you" He said again, but more to himself that time, before he left.

I stared infront if me and let the tears leak down. 

Atleast 3 hours had passed and I had probably fallen asleep because I heard Niall saying goodnight in the next room. 

Then I heard someone turn on the shower. Few minuets later he knocked on the door.

" Alright Marissa, it's time that you open up" He said impatient.

I didn' answer.

" Marissa open  the fucking door" His voice got louder. Like I didn't care, I stood up, and opened the door.

Niall gasped a little as he looked at me. He was just wearing a towel that was wrapped around his waist and few drops were leaking down his chest. I tried not to look at it because I was mad at him. But his body was always so hard to resist.

"I'm...I'm so sorry" He whispered as he laid his fingers gently on my cheek that had fingers prints on it. I took a step back. 

It was like Niall wanted to cry because his eyes got smaller and he ran his fingers through his wet hair.

" I would never hurt you" He said and I nodded.

" I know" I almost whispered. 

Suddenly I found Niall's strong arms wrapped around me.

"I'm so sorry, I can't believe that I did this too you...I'm just so confused" He said and a tear ran down my cheek again.

This time I saw that Niall was really sorry, and this had been killing him since he did it.

" It's alright , I'm confused too" I said and hugged him back. He let me go, and before I knew it he kissed me.

He laid his hand gently on my cheek and pressed his forhead against mine.

" I will never do this to you, alright? I promise" He said. His warm breath that lended on my lips, made me feel calmer as I slowly nodded my head.

" I love you more than everything Marissa. You have to know that...I will help you find the person that wrote the letter..." He slowly said, to make me believe him. 

And I did. I did believe him because what he said was the truth.

" We are in this together now, alright?" He whispered.

" Alright" I said and he smiled before he kissed me a passionate kiss.

" Let me do you right" Niall whispered in my ear softly and started kissing my neck hitting my soft spot already.

" Im sorry that I called you a 12 year old and to go and fuck yourself" I barely managed to breath out because Niall was making me feel so good.

" Already. forgotten, babe" He whispered between kisses.

That night, Niall made up for his mistake.

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