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sunkissed ✧ markson (book 2) by DifferentOnline
sunkissed ✧ markson (book 2)by 🌸 × ♡
🌙 "please try, try for me", {sequel to - clouded} kim-kim ♡
  • 2jae
  • markson
  • jinyoungxjisoo
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My Messed Up Mind by Stag_Girl
My Messed Up Mindby Millie
This is where I shall post my random, daily thoughts. Oh, also if I've been tagged.
  • ive
  • questions
  • tagged
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Clouded |A Novel| by MollySahara123
Clouded |A Novel|by Book and Tea Lover
When young Artemis Damon lives a life on the streets. Surviving by her wits and thoughts. in a dystopian world where she needs to survive above her wits.
  • clouded
  • riseabove
Words by xXxOFGxXX
Wordsby xXxOFGxXX
Everyone cries, Everyone cries for different reasons, Words don't define a person, Whether the person means them or not, How can someone judge if they don't know you, Ho...
  • alone
  • clouded
  • thoughts
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Clouded Thoughts by AwakenDreamer21
Clouded Thoughtsby Rilaa._
A bunch of poetry immersed in the ocean of inks and papers. #Ranked 77 in poetry. #Ranked 59 in poetry (16/12/16)
  • clouded
  • freewords
  • poeticverses
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I Hate Poetry. by beanswrld
I Hate 𝖙𝖗𝖚𝖏𝖎𝖑𝖑𝖔 :)
I'm not good at it, not the master of it, not even close. These are my attempts at writing poetry. I'm going to try poetry to express myself instead of writing stories...
  • confusion
  • poetry
  • fml
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THE CLOUDED SKIES by Moonleaf1022
"Welcome to The Clouded Skies, Miss Lu." Chen Catherine Lu is born into the life full of death and heartbreak, her life constantly threatened by people who wan...
  • romance
  • korean
  • future
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Clouded Shadows by Manman321
Clouded Shadowsby Alexander Wilson
After an encounter with an infected person called a "clouded one", Jason becomes a half-breed and has to stop an outbreak and get revenge on the person who cha...
  • clouded
  • fiction
  • book
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Clouded Leopards by daddyslittlegirlA
Clouded Leopardsby daddyslittlegirlA
An animal that is so cute
  • clouded
  • leopards
Hallucinations by Lisayy
Hallucinationsby Lisayy
  • poem
  • sleep
  • imagination
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Dark Eyes by jezreee
Dark Eyesby Perry
A look at some ones eyes can tell you all you need to know.
  • screaming
  • save
  • clouded
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clouded ,, ethan dolan  by itsdeecvnt
clouded ,, ethan dolan by dee 🥀
she's more fucked up then frank gallagher
  • ethandolan
  • depressing
  • dolantwins
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Incurable by love_is_key
Incurableby love_is_key
Don’t lose hope, the voice in my mind repeats the words of the doctors over and over. The doctors lie. I will never get better. All hope is long drained. It’s been...
  • shadows
  • interesting
  • hate
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Clouded Vision by shellpaperheart
Clouded Visionby Jacquelyn Rainville
Werewolves just can't survive in the modern world anymore. They've lived beside us for thousands of years, inhabitating nearby forests, most isolated from humans apart f...
  • werewolf
  • vince
  • clouded
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Did I Ever Know You? by _starry-eyed_
Did I Ever Know You?by _starry-eyed_
Ellen was best friends with Sam. Was being the keyword. She knows they wont ever become friends but she cant help but wonder, its just a shame shes so stubborn, maybe it...
  • romance
  • faith
  • girls
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Clouded Mind  by _pinkclouds
Clouded Mind by kireina
• A friendship that started with a smile suddenly ended without a goodbye • // VERS LIBRE POETRY // A collection of cloudy thoughts from a girl with a clouded mind...
  • verse
  • free
  • cry
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Clouded by tornbytomlinson11
Cloudedby Vanessa
A messed up mind....
  • drama
  • hard
  • personal
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Clouded by swankysquidgirl
Cloudedby beatrice
After all this time, it was still remarkably hard to pinpoint just how he felt about me. With so many suffocating secrets between us, I wanted to drown in them- let them...
  • onedirection
  • clouded
  • love
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