Chapter 28- Behind you.

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This chapter, is dedicated to @crazy_craybanana :) This love over here, is simply Amazayn ! She is so sweet and a great writer ! And her username is fabuLOUIS haha :D I just wanna thank you, for reading my story and leaving those comments, I'm so happy that we "met" because you are so funny and talented. I hope you keep writing, and keep making up those awesome names like "flabberdabber" ! It's so funny and it always makes my day :)

With all my love-xx

We all stared at Zayn...Even Andrea.

" Alright Zayn, be more specific not mysterious" Harry broke the silence.

Zayn rolled his eyes and leaned to the wall.

" Andrea, is Lenny very protective, or does she hate loads?" Zayn asked.

" How does that have to do with this?" Niall asked, getting annyoed by wasting time like that.

" Shh ! " Zayn shushed at Niall who rolled his eyes.

" Well...she is this protective type...She doesn't trust anyone that I hang with so she doesn't want me to make friends, so she tries to stay home so I won't go out...And.." She was about to go on but Zayn stopped her by putting his hand up in the air.

" Enough, we heard enough....this is perfect" Zayn grinned started walking around, mumbling something to himself.

" What is he doing ?" Ally whispered to Harry who smiled.

" He's just being Zayn" Harry answered and looked at me. I think that we were thinking the same. We were thinking about the night when I told them everything....but Zayn had figure it all out. Our Sherlock.

" What are we gonna do?" Andrea asked and crossed her hands.

Zayn stopped at looked at her smiling. But then at me and Niall.

" Get a tape and rope....Oh and a camera"

We did everything that Zayn told us. Andrea was still on the chair and we started taping her down. She closed her eyes and wrapped water on her eyelashes so her mascara started leaking down her face, like she had been crying. Ally left the room.

We messed up her hair and finished tyingher down.

" Perfect" Zayn said as we looked at our masterpiece. 

Andrea couldn't even move, nor speak.

" Let's take a pic, shall we?" Zayn said and I handed him the camera.

" Hope she will have a heart attack" Andrea said when we were finished taking photos of her and we had helped her to get loose.

" Andrea ! You don't say something like this about your big sister" I joked and Andrea laughed.

Suddenly I found a cramp in my stomach. I sat down.

" Are you alright?" Niall asked and sat next to me.

I grabbed his hand and squeezed it.

I took a deep breath , over and over again so the pain would disappear.

" Why does this keep happening?" I asked myself when it was over.

" Does this happen many times?" Niall asked surprised.

I looked at him. He looked worried so I had to smile.

" No, just sometimes....Nothing serious" I said and placed a kiss on his cheek.

" It doesn't seem that Lenny is home yet...which is strange..." Niall said to himself as he looked outside the window.

" I'm gonna go with the letter then..." I said and took it up but Zayn took my hand.

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