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Thank you seattle (Amezona) by Calzona-Jemily
Thank you seattle (Amezona)by Calzona-Jemily
Amelia Shepherd lives in L.A with all of her friends and her 9 year old daughter Eleanor or Ellie for short. Amelia is an ex drug addict and woke up in bed one morning t...
The Darkest Souls by svdsouls
The Darkest Soulsby mk
when enemies end up living in the same house, and the going to the same school, what do you think would happen? Amelia Moore, ends up living with the one and only Axel...
How I Met Your Sister - amezona by sweaterked
How I Met Your Sister - amezonaby shuno
What if Amelia and Arizona had a MerDer style meet? (Not an original idea, just my take on the idea) This story is like if Amelia and Arizona were the main characters of...
I'll Always Be There For You by Greys0027
I'll Always Be There For Youby Grey’s004
When your parents unfortunately die in a car accident, you move to Seattle to live with your aunt, Arizona Robbins , and her girlfriend, Callie Torres. As you become kno...
Short stories of love. by holtzbertgoodeday
Short stories of jilliangoodeday
This book is about Elizabeth Mitchell's character on ER Dr. Kim Legaspi and Jessica Capshaw's character on Grey's Amazing Dr. Arizona Robbins. Also, about Amelia "H...
Young Intern by yolo10102
Young Internby Yolo1010
Abby is just 14 years old. She has been accepted into the young intern program at Grey-Sloan Memorial Hospital. Will she crack under the pressure? Will she drop out? How...
The King's Queen✔ by the_fictionlover
The King's Queen✔by the_fictionlover
HIGHEST RANK:- #6 IN WEREWOLF!! -------- I went into her room through the window. She was lying peacefully on her small bed. I went near her and bent to her level, I gen...
Harry James Potter by mrigank2000
Harry James Potterby Mrigank Singh
We see in canon that Voldemort and Dumbledore and smart and very powerful wizards. So why can't Harry be the same? This is a slight super-Harry. Most super Harry fics ar...
Thicker than Blood - Book One (Watty Awards 2012) by thethornsofmylife
Thicker than Blood - Book One ( Ruth
Book One in the Soul Seeker Series. At fifteen Amelia is forced to move in with her birthfather when her mother passes away. A man she's never met before in her life, st...
Let's Trust Tonight by zoechristinaxx
Let's Trust Tonightby zoe
BOOK 3 of the Let's Hurt Tonight series.
Let's Love Tonight by zoechristinaxx
Let's Love Tonightby zoe
BOOK 2 of the Let's Hurt Tonight series.
Amelia Jones (Very slow updates) by thisyear2019
Amelia Jones (Very slow updates)by GoodxVibez
Amelia's life is far from normal with her 6 very overprotective brothers , her life is full of lies and adventures . The question is how does it all end ?
Something She Was  ✓ by stereohearted
Something She Was ✓by elle
Even if Amelia Jameson is seemingly immune to the idea of love, she's not immune to feelings. And maybe, maybe, someone can make her feel again.
MATCHING[ON GOING] by PutriAgustya7
(jgn lupa follow akun Author) Amelia putri Cahayani seorang gadis yang cerewet dan bodo amatan,panggil saja Amelia. Marvel Agustin seorang pria yang mempunyai sifat terd...
Endlessly by essential_snow28
Endlesslyby Essential_snow28
Isabelle Gilmore, twin of Rory Gilmore. The talented twin in more than one way. Find out how she makes her way through difficult family relationships, school, friendship...
They've defeated alpha packs, dark spirits, assassins, Dread Doctors and a hundred year old beast. Venus Fiores bond with the pack had felt indestructible at that point...
My 10 over protective brothers |Completed| by rosesareblue01
My 10 over protective brothers | Dana☠️
16 year old Amelia lives on her own with 10 over protective brothers. Her parents died, she never met her mother, and she got into an accident with her father which lead...
Klaus' Twin Sister by xxACruzxx
Klaus' Twin Sisterby Anna
Amelia was not just any ordinary vampire, she was one of the Original, feared by all not just because she was Klaus' twin but due to the fact that she could rain down he...
Soulmate -Stefan Salvatore by jessie_bell2001
Soulmate -Stefan Salvatoreby Slytherin Queen
Stefan didn't know her, but he did. Stefan didn't love her, but he did. Amelianna Mikealson, the tribrid was the closest to her brother Klaus. But after a 1000 years of...
Adopted into the volturi // Alec volturi by siriuslystiless
Adopted into the volturi // Alec Can’t slitherin
Amelia swan younger sister to Bella swan hose on a trip with her sister to save her one true love. Will she also find her mate Or Will she create a bond she never tho...