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When the Bad Boy Isn't Bad by taylor8wut
When the Bad Boy Isn't Badby taylor8wut
Truth or dare? ... Everyone knows the feeling of helplessness when asked this question, they all know that something humiliating and cruel follows, no matter which choic...
  • badboy
  • badboyturnedgood
  • truth
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Isn't She Lovely -h.s- by singtomesoftly
Isn't She Lovely -h.s-by singtomesoftly
He taught to her live big and more importantly dream big. She taught him to stay grounded, that the little things in life matter too. They were best friends forever...
  • lovely
  • harry
  • danielle
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The Curves of Stars by TaylorMaughan
The Curves of Starsby Taylor Maughan
Kate and Noah have been best friends for years, so when Kate starts having nightmares that become reality... Well, take a guess who she turns to.
  • kate
  • noah
  • psychic
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Isn't Exactly A Fairytale by ShilluParShian
Isn't Exactly A Fairytaleby Shillu SanDhir ParShian
Story is on a wife n huband. A sandhir FF read n njoy. Story credits goes to original writer.
  • saddahaq
  • exactly
  • harshita
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Revenge Isn't Always So Sweet (ON HOLD) by CourtneyCarrie
Revenge Isn't Always So Sweet ( Courtney
Melony lost her dad in a car accident when she was ten and pranking her brothers was always a way of coping with it. After Melony enters the highschool world she complet...
  • revenge
  • hat
  • skandar
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This Isn't You. . .{Yandere!Underswap!Sans x reader} [BEING REWRITTEN] by Artistic_Poison
This Isn't You. . .{Yandere! ...who cares? :)
It all started when you fell down that hole. You met a new "father". Some new enemies. Some new friends. It seemed so great, but soon it'll all go downhill. Mo...
  • insanity
  • sans
  • xreader
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Love Isn't... by RidingLife
Love Isn' Richa
While she was busy telling me what love is, I was determined to show her what love isn't... **** WARNING - This is male lead's POV of the story Love Is... So don't rea...
  • humor
  • isnt
  • pov
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Pm ME Here by Yur_Boy_Jake
Pm ME Hereby Yur_Boy_Jake
  • mygirlandme
  • isnt
  • whatimdoing
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Free! Memes by H0NEYB0BA
Free! Memesby sewer god
hi! im your local meme dealer for free! iwatobi swim club. highest rank is #33 in humor :)
  • because
  • memes
  • humor
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Recommended Books On Wattpad by _VidhiS
Recommended Books On Wattpadby _VidhiS
These are all the stories that I personally love on Wattpad and recommend all of you to read :) Each of the stories will be dedicated to the authors and the descr...
  • xxmopelxx
  • type
  • colorful
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A Derek Hale Christmas Carol (A Sterek Novelette) by adult_disneyprincess
A Derek Hale Christmas Carol (A Stale Hale
Based on Charles Dickinson's "A Christmas Carol" Derek Hale gets visited by three ghosts of his past. (Sterek) *cover by stylesstoriesandco*
  • erica
  • fluff
  • derek
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" Plus Size Isn't Pretty" by stephanie9167
" Plus Size Isn't Pretty"by stephanie9167
Nikki Miller is use to being with he own group of friends but since senior year started she's caught someone's eye a very special someone Blake Williams the head quart...
  • make
  • makeup
  • high
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Best Books on Wattpad by sadbutfabulous
Best Books on Wattpadby sadbutfabulous
Want something to read that you won't put down after reading the first line? Well then come on in and read my reviews and reccomendations. Maybe you'll find somethin tha...
  • boy
  • brothers
  • werewolf
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Living With Monsters (Amnesia: The Dark Descent)[Under Construction] by KingKyIo
Living With Monsters (Amnesia: King Kylo
Sometimes I just cry myself to sleep, you know? My parents hate me, my class mates hate me, everyone hates me. The best part is, I don't even know why. I tried to run aw...
  • love
  • beautiful
  • horror
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One Direction Imagines by RebeccaLynn1
One Direction Imaginesby RebeccaLynn1
  • boston
  • meet
  • first
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The Animal Whisperer by coolcats22
The Animal Whispererby coolcats22
Tegan may seem like an average girl, living a normal life. But you're wrong. Tegan has a special talent - She can communicate with animals. Some people call her an anima...
  • vehicle
  • green
  • amazing
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Attention- Andy Biersack Love Story by DevilAngel89
Attention- Andy Biersack Love Storyby DevilAngel89
Dream is a young girl of the age fifteen years old who admires her idol, Andy Biersack like it's her God. She fell in love with him by just watching an interview and sin...
  • brides
  • love
  • story
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Love Isn't Real by whitepanda10
Love Isn't Realby Julia Jones
"What do you mean, you don't believe in falling in love?" Colton asked me with a frown on his face. "Love isn't real, people don't actually love you. They...
  • surprise
  • real
  • colton
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My life  by Adam96092
My life by Adam Grocock
This is gonna be my rant my story of me talking about the past an this is gonna be my therapy so if you're not in to the whole grammar mistakes sad back stories an shut...
  • supposed
  • isnt
  • life
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Isn't She Lovely? (Harry Styles Fanfic) by ticklingzayn
Isn't She Lovely? (Harry Styles Bailey
Lindsay has just turned 18 and finally went to her first One Direction concert. But something happened there, she met someone. In a short notice Harry invites Lindsay to...
  • perfect
  • liampayne
  • harryslittlesecret
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