A Man Like You{너란 남자}(Myanmar Translation) by camellia_b
A Man Like You{너란 남자}(Myanmar Tran...by ' ㅅ '
Credit to Story\Art:WAJE and rightful owners. If u want to support this amazing artist ,u can read this manhwa in lezhin by buying coins
  • romance
  • shounenai
  • fantasy
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lucidity | shyland ✓ by stardustshyland
lucidity | shyland ✓by amber
[completed] ryland's life is perfect, until he starts dreaming of shane, the pretty boy in his sleep.
  • romance
  • shyland
  • adams
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Inception - Mind over matter by AimeeElizabeth19
Inception - Mind over matterby Aimee Elizabeth
Tiffany is different. Her mind works in mysterious ways. A little too mysterious. It makes her both priceless and deadly in the shady industry of Extraction. When her g...
  • dreaming
  • inception
  • love
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Unexpected Fantisies by Nasrasta
Unexpected Fantisiesby Nas
These are short erotica stories that I do simply to pass the time away. I hope you enjoy my imagination as much as I do. I turn my daydreams into words.
  • love
  • exciting
  • mystery
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Shawn Mendes Imagines by imperfectlywrong
Shawn Mendes Imaginesby imperfectlywrong
Just a bunch of stories about a Canadian that we all love. It doesn't hurt to dream.
  • concert
  • canadianboi
  • sad
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Phantom Of Sexual Nightmares by QveenScarr
Phantom Of Sexual Nightmaresby ᎦᏣᎯᖇᖇ☑️
Once there lived a man named august. He's been sleep since forever and while he sleeps he haunts the innocents dreams until he comes towards one woman he wouldn't expect...
  • romance
  • augustalsina
  • dreaming
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kill the dream. by xxxanaxion
kill the dream.by ‍ ‍
jahseh onfroy. clean the mess up with my nose what the the fuck i need a vacuum for ?
  • urbanlove
  • lucid
  • dreaming
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Insomniac's Dream by DarkPrincess1806
Insomniac's Dreamby Insomniac
Ashley Lindinbourgh , wakes up one morning by the shouts of her Grandma. Its a Sunday , every teenager deserves to sleep till late. Every teen dreams of spending time w...
  • craziness
  • falling
  • coincidence
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How to Lucid Dream by DarkPH0T0N
How to Lucid Dreamby CrazyChristian
The cheapest and coolest Virtual Reality experience! In this book, I will teach you how to lucid dream. Lucid dreaming is easier than it is made out to be. You don't hav...
  • guide
  • fun
  • easy
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dreamer boy // victuri  by v-v-victor
dreamer boy // victuri by ♡
"And from that moment on, it was apparent, that nothing was, or ever will be the same again." ♡ ; lower cases are intended // completed ; yuri!!! on ice fanfic
  • dreamer
  • yurionice
  • yuri
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Sweet Dreams |E.D by Skyler12021
Sweet Dreams |E.Dby ѕкуℓєr dσlαn
A story in which a girl falls in love with a boy through her dreams, But soon finds out the boy of her dreams is real. © All Rights Reserved
  • create
  • sweet
  • love
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Lucid Dreaming by BeautyInTheFall0ut
Lucid Dreamingby ~: Trinity :~
Lucid Dreaming.. Lucidity is a special thing that happens when you sleep. It doesn't happen often, but you can make it happen often. Lucid dreaming is a form of dream...
  • autumn
  • fall
  • ihatehastags
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Dream of Me [p.jm] by sorinieee
Dream of Me [p.jm]by ☆彡
Please don't wake me up. Started: 30.06.18 Completed: - - -
  • dreaming
  • dream
  • namjoon
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Harem Dream (+18) by ForFuchsSake
Harem Dream (+18)by ForFuchsSake
A more or less connected harem story. (Re-done)
  • harem
  • reader
  • dreaming
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Poems of a Not-Poet by TheLastMorningStar
Poems of a Not-Poetby Emma Elizabeth
Some poems I wrote, you probably got that by the title.
  • poetry
  • living
  • poet
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The Book of Plot Twists by true_rusher
The Book of Plot Twistsby Hannah
Each chapter is its own story and each story has a plot twist that may or may not slap you across the face. Every story connects in a way, but it isn't always obvious ho...
  • dreams
  • hanging
  • love
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√ Beside You | Yoonminseok// Yoonseokmin by StarGazerGalaxies
√ Beside You | Yoonminseok// Yoons...by StarGazerGalaxies
"Waking up beside you is more lovely than any dream." -Emerson. In which best friends longed for more- this.
  • sope
  • fragility
  • wattys2018
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A crackhead Household by UglyxDays
A crackhead Householdby ~Ugly Days~
  • food
  • dream
  • cuteness
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Daydreaming | Park Jimin Fanfic | by KwangKwang_
Daydreaming | Park Jimin Fanfic |by gottakrisbrb
daydreaming is something that will never come true.
  • mina
  • jimin
  • daydreaming
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Imaginary poems by ashteria_
Imaginary poemsby Ioana B.
A collection of poems of dreams and loneliness. Published: 13th July 2018- 15th July 2018 Ⓒ 2018 Ioana B.- All rights reserved
  • dreaming
  • imagination
  • loneliness