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Jerks Care? by BravelyDreaming
Jerks Care?by BravelyDreaming
Lucy's life is awful, she has two abusive parents, and can't find a way out. Until one day the abuse gets so bad she is taken to the hospital. In the hospital her life t...
One Direction One Shots (Slashes) by darthniall
One Direction One Shots (Slashes)by darthniall
This is a collection of boyxboy one shots. It you don't like boyxboy stories, don't read! Larry, Niam, Lilo, Nouis, Zarry, Narry, Zouis, Lirry, Ziam and maybe Nosh. (It...
The Awakening by ROOKIEmistake456
The Awakeningby DarkBlueEvil Lost
Sequeal to Tortured* ......... I don't know what to write this really without telling the whole story so you'll just have to read it.
Hunted by Corinder
Huntedby Corinder
Book 1 Elizabeth, a twenty six year old Australian, had no idea such things as 'werewolves' existed before she came to America. Captured by a mad man who claimed he was...
Taylor & Joe by laxerbrat13
Taylor & Joeby avery🥰
heyyy... i'm new here. just a story about T Swift and her bae❤️❤️
Open Your Eyes. by mourningeleni
Open Your Eyes.by ♕Eleni♕
After a fatal accident, Alana's mind is stuck in an unknown place. Is she in purgatory? Is she in a coma? Is she hallucinating? Only time and a slow realisation will tel...
Twisted by netflixjunkie_
Twistedby netflixjunkie_
This is a one chapter story about Sophie Wilson. In her mind she keeps getting haunted by an unidentified person - or more like a creature. Sophie has tried everything...
Too Sexy for the Naked Eye (BxB One Shots) by msgabbygarcia
Too Sexy for the Naked Eye (BxB On...by Gabby Garcia
"I'm starting a fire that you can't quench." One-shots that will light you up like fire and it will be too sexy for the naked eye.
Inception - Mind over matter by AimeeElizabeth19
Inception - Mind over matterby Aimee Elizabeth
Tiffany is different. Her mind works in mysterious ways. A little too mysterious. It makes her both priceless and deadly in the shady industry of Extraction. When her g...
Life in Color (Lesbian) by inadistantworld
Life in Color (Lesbian)by Nikolai
Ashley O'Daire was just a Junior in high school waiting to get out of her hometown. Everywhere she looked was another reason to leave. But for a couple months now she's...
The Prayer of the Sky by SvengoolieNewmar1
The Prayer of the Skyby Svengoolie Newmar
A collection of poetry and flash fiction, all written by me. Hope you enjoy!
Strawberry Flavoured by emilyajh
Strawberry Flavouredby emily
Because everything was bittersweet and strawberry flavoured.
Dreamer by fc123735
Dreamerby Lil meow meow
Jihoon is head over heels in love with Soonyoung. But jihoon is such a dreamer that he's afraid to make it a reality and asks Soonyoung out. Started: 17 jan 2019 for my...
Forever by kamerykae
Foreverby Kamery Solomon
Raith has never been in love. In fact, he’s spent his entire existence as the terror in mortal nightmares. When he enters Emilee’s dream, he discovers that not only do h...
Maybe? Maybe Not? (One Direction Fanfiction) by giggles1295
Maybe? Maybe Not? (One Direction F...by Just a Girl
And it all started with a Strip Club
Jack Grazer Imagines (Completed) by -MUSICKGirls
Jack Grazer Imagines (Completed)by LOVER
🄲🄾🄼🄿🄻🄴🅃🄴🄳 Where I write small scenarios between the lovely Y\N and Jack Grazer. Includes: Jack Grazer Eddie Kaspbrack None of the imagines are connected to ea...
𝐓𝚮𝚬 𝐁𝚨𝐃 𝐁𝚶𝐘 by WhyDontWeBreakATable
𝐓𝚮𝚬 𝐁𝚨𝐃 𝐁𝚶𝐘by ☾☼☽ Euphoria ☾☼☽
Jack Avery, the biggest fuck boy known in the school. Every girl would melt at the sight of him, accept for one girl. Skylar, the nerd, does not get what is so good ab...
I'll save you -Sequel of Save me from my own destruction( Niall Horan)Book nr.2 by akinoreV0707
I'll save you -Sequel of Save me f...by akinoreV0707
Book nr. 2/3 Remember Marissa and Niall? Last time you heard about them they were having their first baby and Niall had just proposed. Now 3 happy, good years later they...
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Trust! [RE-WRITE! ^^] by A-Mystery1010
Trust! [RE-WRITE! ^^]by *~_Mystery_~*
Geno is diagnosed with a terminal sickness, Fresh has emotions and Error is...hiding secrets...What is it? Or better if I say... . . . . Who is it?
Once Upon a Summer Dream [COMPLETE] by gracesbookcase
Once Upon a Summer Dream [COMPLETE]by Grace
[COMPLETE] Tati Rose doesn't have ordinary dreams. When Tati falls asleep, the dreams that enter her head are prophecies, not fiction. On the night before the first day...