Chapter 20- Just a dream.

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Niall's P.O.V

I wasn't sure if I was awake or dreaming. Someone was screaming.                      

I opened my eyes slowly and reached out for the lamp. I turned it on and turned around.

Amelia was asleep but she was so closed to me that  I almost put my elbow in her face.

Marissa was the one was who was screaming. I quickly grabbed Amelia in my arms and fast walked out of the bedroom. I put her in her bed. Now, Marissa.

" Marissa, wake up" I shook her but she kept screaming and it was like she was trying to hit someone. She almost hit me in the face but I grabbed her hand in time.

" Marissa ! " Why didn't she wake up. Tears started running out of her eyes. I shook her again, now more powerful.

She opened her eyes and stopped screaming. She looked shocked.

" Where am I ?" She asked and looked around. She looked like an animal that was in a cave, far from home. Scared.

" You are safe in your bed, Marissa, what were you dreaming?" I was so confused. What the hell happened?

She didn't answer me. She just looked around and when it was like she had come to senses she closed her eyes.

" I dreamed that I was taped down to a chair..." She said, still with her eyes closed like she was trying to make the dream go.

" And?" I asked.

" I wasn't alone...Ally was there. Dead. Sitting in the chair beside me. And the person who wrote the letters was there to but her face was blurry. But I could see that she was grinning" Marissa opened her eyes. I could see that she was trying not to cry but it was hard.

" Marissa...." Was all I could say. I stood up and was about to lay down next to her when she grabbed my arm.

" Where are you going? Please don't go" She sounded desperate. I smiled, just to calm her down.

" I'm not going anywhere" I said and she let my hand go. I layed next to her and she turned around to face me. I put my hand over her and dragged her closer to me.

" This was just a dream" I said and stroke her hair away from her face.

" What if it wasn't just a dream, what if...." She took a deep breath. " What if Ally is dead"

A heavy feeling crawled over my body, slowly going from my toes to my head.

" She can't be dead" I said and kissed her on her forhead. " Aint gonna happen"

Marissa closed her eyes. She started shaking.

" I think that I wont sleep again..." She said.

" It's okey, we don't have to sleep" I whispered and stroke her cheek slowly.

" Don't let me go" She whispered back and looked into my eyes.

" Don't worry, I won't" I said back and smiled. If I do I will lose you again.


The night passed. We didn't talk, we just wanted to be close together after a long distance.

Marissa was starting to closer her eyes and opening them again, like she was falling asleep. I couldn't.

My heart was still on 100 after hearing Marissa scream like that. She really was scared in that dream.

When I saw that Marissa was asleep, I made myself loose and got out of bed. I rubbed my face and walked to the kitchen.

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