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Frases de Los Simpson by Melisa_Pandora
Frases de Los Simpsonby Melisa_Pandora
Aquí verán cientos de frases y escenas de "Los Simpson" tanto divertidas, como inteligentes, tiernas o tristes, es momento de revivir la infancia. :D
  • lossimpson
  • homero
  • lenny
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A guilty pleasure with you  // WillNE x Reader by WillNEWahheeyy
A guilty pleasure with you // Wil...by Katharina
Prologue: "This is wrong" I said pulling away from will's kiss hesitantly "I know" he said with a sigh "but I-". I cut his words off by pu...
  • romance
  • willfic
  • youtuber
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"Anytime, Cowgirl." : Arthur Morgan X OC by GandalfsArmpit
"Anytime, Cowgirl." : Arthur Morga...by GracieLuoFreebush
Arthur Morgan wasn't a man who believed in "happily ever after"'s. As an outlaw, a crook, a man with a bounty on his head, he didn't have time to dream about f...
  • rdr
  • johnmarston
  • javier
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The Mobster's Daughter by elizabeththegecko
The Mobster's Daughterby elizabeththegecko
Belle Stone is part of a very important family. Not because she's royalty, or filthy rich. Her father is a mobster. An infamous one at that. When Belle's father is murde...
  • julietteelizabeth
  • belle
  • randy
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Madi's Book of Lemons~! by Madison_Fushizen69
Madi's Book of Lemons~!by Madeline 'Madison' Fushizen
Lemons * L e n n y*
  • lemons
  • cracklemons
  • randomness
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 Italian Mail Order Bride #2 in OFW series  by hopelessromantic_78
Italian Mail Order Bride #2 in OF...by hopelessromantic_78
Anna Alessi was thrown into the Mail Order Bride business without even a second thought about what she wanted. The money was going to help her family, her father had tol...
  • fake
  • anna
  • lenny
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My Sister's Husband by OliviaMarie97
My Sister's Husbandby OliviaMarie97
Felicia's whole life she has been second best to her older sister Molly, never good enough for anyone. Finally she meets a guy who actually cares about her. To bad he's...
  • lenny
  • ignored
  • mathew
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In Love With My Bodyguard (#2 In The Williams Series) by shinybubblymia
In Love With My Bodyguard (#2 In T...by Mia
"I don't like him touching you" he frowned "Why?" "because you belong only to me" with that he claimed my lips with his. Jacqueline goes on...
  • shipname
  • death
  • jacqueline
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Creepypasta Sex Slave (Lemon) by FeLyne_Lover
Creepypasta Sex Slave (Lemon)by Cat Lover
This is a lemon book, uts actually pretty obvious in the title. So with that said, I would like everyone to read it in your own descrition. Oh and, if you guys have any...
  • hoodie
  • bendrowned
  • masky
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A Shenny Romance (Big Bang Theory Fanfic) by xghostwriterr
A Shenny Romance (Big Bang Theory...by Rainie
What if Sheldon and Penny had met under different circumstances, and the pretty blonde had taken an interest in the tall, awkward intelligent nerd instead? Would the pai...
  • amyfarrahfowler
  • romance
  • leonardhofstatder
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THE BEACH [jenny & lola] by natokay
THE BEACH [jenny & lola]by sleeping galaxy
How their life go on after the adventure.
  • lolaperez
  • lenny
  • sofbrina
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Sweet Creature by AllisonAlliSalvatore
Sweet Creatureby AllisonAlliSalvatore
•Two hearts in one home It's hard when we argue We're both stubborn I know• [Leonard Snart] [The Flash] [Season 1]
  • joe
  • allen
  • flash
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filthy frank x reader sMuT by succ_ducc_05
filthy frank x reader sMuTby N o s o u l 2 . 0
(F/n) (L/n) is a 20 year old girl who is a weeb. Her and frances of the filth have been good friends for a couple of years. Frances starts to have feelings for (F/n) but...
  • lenny
  • nyessssss
  • filthy
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The Last Shifter by broken-pixie
The Last Shifterby broken-pixie
She's the last of her kind. As a rare white tiger shifter she has to keep hidden from the hunters. But, what if she starts to fall for one of the sons of her family's ki...
  • alone
  • short
  • story
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99 smut challenge Boyf riends by thehandsomestboi65
99 smut challenge Boyf riendsby Death of a Tennant
All the lemons. All of them.
  • 99smutchallenge
  • donewithlife
  • romance
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oh! darling ~paul mccartney~ by -averagejo
oh! darling ~paul mccartney~by hi, im jo!
"and thats a promise, love. i never break promises." its the year 1963, and the beatles are rising rapidly in popularity. everyone seemed to know of this popul...
  • paulmccartney
  • starr
  • fabfour
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Len x reader ~Oneshots~ by Ashlen_Kagamine
Len x reader ~Oneshots~by ChildOfNamjesus🙏
Len x reader oneshots! I know u like em (¬w¬) Just to warn you all, it contains fluff, angst, lemon, the casual, and many more that I imagine. Have fun reading! ~If any...
  • lenpai
  • vocaliod
  • kawaii
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Neko Harem x Male Reader by GDSSChara
Neko Harem x Male Readerby Miku the Kitty
You, a muscular man, find yourself in an accidental harem in high-school (such original plot here, ladies and gentleman). There will be 12 girls, and other side characte...
  • jade
  • xmalereader
  • sue
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InCorReCt qUoTes! (Countryhumans,cause why the fuck not?) by KoreaiiChu
InCorReCt qUoTes! (Countryhumans,c...by Idiotic oppa
WhY dId I dO tHis? Because I saw loads of these incorrect quote thingys,so why not do this?- Most of these are from vine lmao and maybe from tik tok.
  • book
  • fluff
  • weird
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