Six Feet Under, Again by littlepumpkinz
Six Feet Under, Againby Paula O’Hara
Sequel to Six Feet Under.
  • love
  • movie
  • college
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The Enforcer (Book Three_Ruthless Series) by bearmama256
The Enforcer (Book Sadie Torrance
Cassadee simply couldn't get a break, a single mom barely making ends meet she struggles to make a life for her and her daughter. When yet another date runs out on her s...
  • crime
  • complete
  • adventure
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The Cop's Girl by princess-fill
The Cop's Girlby Fill
"Do you, Jane Elisa Kingsley, take Daxon Nicolás Rivera to be your lawfully wedded husband?" -Mature Content within- -Sequel to "The Cop Next Door"-
  • officer
  • pregnancy
  • marriage
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His Infidelity (Book Two In The Possession Series) by Nikepo
His Infidelity (Book Two In The Nikepo Ekundayo
The Maxwells must either shatter or stick together as they go through different challenges. ______________________________________________ "I love you so much it hu...
  • cheat
  • nigeria
  • yoruba
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Gang Leaders Girl is Back In Town by xBibliobibulix
Gang Leaders Girl is Back In Townby ♛ M ♛
It's round two for twenty three year old Noah Carson. • • • • • I am not the rightful owner of every word in here! A lot of songs, poem references etc. were made in this...
  • goodgirl
  • teenfiction
  • love
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68 Days And Counting by nikki20038
68 Days And Countingby nic
~Sequel to The Bad Boy And The Tomboy~ Macy Anderson and Sam Cahill are together in Manchester, England living the new university life. Their relationship is striving as...
  • humor
  • tomboy
  • teenfiction
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The Bad Boy's Heart (Bad Boy Series #2) by JessGirl93
The Bad Boy's Heart (Bad Boy Blair
*SEQUEL to The Bad Boy's Girl' and cannot be read as a stand-alone. Tessa O'Connell is a girl as in love as possible. Her goal for her freshman year of college is live w...
  • teenfiction
  • colestone
  • sequel
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Criminal Boundaries (an Undertale Sanscest Story) by __Purple_Fluffball__
Criminal Boundaries (an Crossmare Goddess
Sequel to Criminal Conflict! It had been nine years since the criminal gang last met up and did anything illegal. They'd planned on never really seeing each other again...
  • crightmoss
  • afterdeath
  • scixfell
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The Love Of A Doll  by _bangtanlove
The Love Of A Doll by CaptainSaveAHoe
"Gay men can't have babies?" - Park Jimin Sex doll Sequel ©️_bangtanlove2018
  • jeonjungkook
  • kimtaehyung
  • romance
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DOLLIE | VKOOK by larryvgl
DOLLIE | VKOOKby niv 🌹
[sequel of VENDETTA] DOLLIE | VKOOK 3 years later, Jungkook's moved on- but his dark past still haunts him. larryvgl © 2018
  • namjoon
  • taekook
  • fanfiction
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You Belong With Me (AFTR Book 2) by knightsrachel
You Belong With Me (AFTR Book 2)by Rachel
*Sequel to Along For the Ride. It's been 4 years since the Connor Jackson Live tour, and a lot has changed. -Cover created by: MrKinkyWriter -Photographer: Everton Vila
  • matthews
  • sequel
  • broken
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The Doctor and His Wife (A Sequel) by dgkitten
The Doctor and His Wife (A Sequel)by Divine Grace
Now that Emily Maxwell has gotten her delicious "treatment" from Dr. Alexander Greene, little did she know that being engaged to the hottest gynecologist alive...
  • doctor
  • mafia
  • action
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Destiny's Gamble by styles2016
Destiny's Gambleby Mrs. Styles
Sequel to Destiny's Dice. Manik and Nandini have now begun a new chapter of their lives, being a married couple. Alas, Manik is not on board with this plan. Poor Nandini...
  • sequel
  • nandinimurthy
  • nandini
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Let's Begin by shewritesall
Let's Beginby Elizabeth
It's been eight years since Peter was adopted by Tony and Pepper and a lot has changed. First of all, Pepper has officially become a Stark (but she still goes by Potts m...
  • badguy
  • irondad
  • âu
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Falling Helplessly [COMPLETED] by annasteffey
Falling Helplessly [COMPLETED]by ♥︎ Anna ♥︎
-Slowly editing- "What is she doing to me?" I question to myself as I look into her beautiful, big, brown eyes. She is changing me, that's what she is doing. ...
  • completed
  • lovestory
  • badboy
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ENAMOURED ✓ ( #2 Entwined Trilogy ) by agatharoza
ENAMOURED ✓ ( #2 Entwined Trilogy )by rosen
❝Truth or dare?" I rolled my eyes. "Dare. I got enough truth tonight and you know me inside out anyway." "Dare, hm? Let me think of someth...
  • relationship
  • sequel
  • mythandlegends
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Bad Boy (Jin x BTS) by Araxis222
Bad Boy (Jin x BTS)by Araxis222
Getting Kidnapped by Six Gangsters was Definitely on Jin's to-do List Sequel to Pretty Boy|Cover by TheOneandOnly
  • yoongi
  • taehyung
  • gansters
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More Than Yesterday (Punk Luke Hemmings) by mrshemmo18
More Than Yesterday (Punk Luke Luke is Life
Sequel to Run
  • 5sosfanfic
  • calumhood
  • 5sos
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Time Passages (Queen or Freddie Mercury Fanfic) by sallyjay4
Time Passages (Queen or Freddie Sally Jay
SEQUEL TO "IN THE YEAR OF THE CAT" - FOR BEST RESULTS, START THERE. Or don't. Your choice. ;) Now, the synopsis: It's been ten years since the T-Rod in...
  • sequel
  • mercury
  • emotion
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Faith 2 Love by QVEEN-NADI
Faith 2 Loveby QVEEN-NADI
Sequel to Faith.
  • sequel
  • daveeast
  • faith
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