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figure skater and the ice hockey player by Emilycharlton0107
figure skater and the ice hockey Emilycharlton0107
Isla is international figure skater for the U.S.A training for a spot on the olympic team. All her friends tell her to stay away from the hockey players cause there bad...
  • figure
  • icehockey
  • skating
Instagram #MickSchumacher by phoebe-durm
Instagram #MickSchumacherby PhoebeDurm
After her accident, the double world champion Ginevra Sorrentino breaks down, when she realises she has to learn even how to walk again, and her life suddenly feels abso...
  • figureskating
  • raikkonen
  • michael
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My Possessive Vampire Mate (Unedited) #Wattys2018 by xxberahkitsunexx
My Possessive Vampire Mate ( Saberah
Finally returning back home after being away for so many years, Repunzel White is a Figure-Skater and a pure white wolf. She never expected to find her mate and more imp...
  • werewolf
  • xander
  • christopher
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The Figure Skater And The Ice Hockey Player by R5_lover_2002
The Figure Skater And The Ice Heartless Soul
A figure skater and an ice hockey player. Will they work out if they have practice all at different times? Will someone from the past tear through their relationship?
  • hockey
  • riker
  • love
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  • nathanchen
  • angst
  • alternateuniverse
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Log In - Otayuri by em_kuhn_
Log In - Otayuriby Em Kuhn
Love, hate, and heartbreak. All over snapchat.
  • yuriplisetsky
  • figure
  • chat
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Breaking Ice by harriet_morgan
Breaking Iceby harriet_morgan
Figure skating and hockey skating are very different... What will happen when Cathy and Alex find each other to hard to resist? Would they let their loved sports get in...
  • future
  • iceskating
  • hockey
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Alone by CliffRichard58
Aloneby CliffRichard58
A Torvill & Dean fanfic I wrote in my early twenties, over a decade ago. A retired Jayne Torvill must break out of her shy shell if she's to finally get what she wants i...
  • torvill
  • skating
  • jayne
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Let The Games Begin [boyxboy] by SkeneKidz
Let The Games Begin [boyxboy]by Jen
Jakey was living a normal life with his boyfriend Skylar and his best friend Seth. Then the new boy came.
  • twelve
  • party
  • bisexual
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Figure Skating RANTS!!!! by EMOgayGUY
Figure Skating RANTS!!!!by Georgie
Rants that most figure skaters can relate to.
  • rants
  • relatable
  • skating
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Miss Barbie & the Hockey Boys by HitTheStunt
Miss Barbie & the Hockey Boysby Cassie
Katie has the perfect life she's pretty, rich, smart and everyone loves her. She lives with her mother in an uptown manner not far from her favorite ice rink. Figure ska...
  • barbie
  • cute
  • child
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The Admin's Sketchbook by Kathleen927
The Admin's Sketchbookby Kat
Art has always been my escape. It's never mattered what the medium is, just that I can create something with it: Clay, acrylic, and pencil are all created equal to me. T...
  • realism
  • pencil
  • art
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I'll save you -Sequel of Save me from my own destruction( Niall Horan)Book nr.2 by akinoreV0707
I'll save you -Sequel of Save me akinoreV0707
Book nr. 2/3 Remember Marissa and Niall? Last time you heard about them they were having their first baby and Niall had just proposed. Now 3 happy, good years later they...
  • chapter
  • uncle
  • big
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Even If You're Not Real by MusicForMyLife
Even If You're Not Realby Meg
An uninspired writer and a fireman have been trying to have a child for ages. One night something is in their garden, it seems to really like the couple and their house...
  • fireman
  • figure
  • basedonadream
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Stick Figure Anal Sex (My Thoughts on the Westboro Baptist Church) by Mordo791
Stick Figure Anal Sex (My P. Enname
The Westboro Baptist Church: a hate group stationed in Topeka, known for protesting against gays, soliders, Muslims, Jews, and pretty much every other minority you can t...
  • stick
  • fred
  • crazy
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Tododeku Soulmate AU! by artisticUndertaker
Tododeku Soulmate AU!by A.U.
When you are 10 you get a mark on your opposing wrist ( if you left handed its on your right, if right handed then left hand, ambidextrous then it depends on which one y...
  • brother
  • kiribaku
  • figure
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Alex Helps Save The World by dpw750
Alex Helps Save The Worldby dpw750
Time for Alex to come back. problem is that he was at a HYDRA base and is saved by the Avengers. Weird things have been happening and HYDRA is at large with destroying t...
  • natahsa
  • pain
  • vision
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Stolen By Him by MeowTheCatSays
Stolen By Himby i'm no cat
In which a girl gets kidnapped by one of the closest friends she's ever had. When Lana wakes up with no memory of what happened to her, she discovers that she has been...
  • love
  • pain
  • taken
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Father Figure *Chris Pratt* by ceceharbor99
Father Figure *Chris Pratt*by ceceharbor99
Becca, CeCe, Daphne, and Emily are sisters raised by their brother Chris Pratt. He wants them to have as normal a life as possible, but with an 11, 13, 14, and nearly 1...
  • pratt
  • girls
  • chris
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Lost by CliffRichard58
Lostby CliffRichard58
A Torvill & Dean fanfic that I wrote over a decade ago, in my early twenties. Jayne and Chris are lost in the wilderness and need to team up if they're to survive. Inspi...
  • romance
  • dance
  • skating
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