Chapter 3- Meeting Harry's new girlfriend and finding a letter.

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Marissa's P.O.V

" Amelia, can mommy have one kiss before she goes?" I bent down and put my finger on my cheek. Amelia stood up and kissed me on the cheek.

" Byeee" She said and smiled before she turned around and ran to my mum.

" Have a good time" She said and took Amelia in her arms. Niall took my hand.

" Thanks" I said and smiled. We said goodbye and made our way to our old flat. Few minuets away.

" Hello there" Harry said as he opened the door. He was wearing his regular outfit, but this time a new dark blue blazer. Me like Harry.

" What up?" Niall said and fist Harry. I rolled my eyes and hugged Harry when it was my turn.

" So, you gotta meet Ally" Harry said and smirked. Ally who? We walked into the living room and saw, Liam, Louis and Brittany, Zayn and then the back of a girl who had blond straight long hair. She was talking to Zayn.

" So guys, this is Ally, Ally these two are our only married couple Niall and Marissa" Harry said smiling his biggest smile. Ally turned around and smiled when she saw us. She stood up and walked to us. She had the perfect thin body and her smile was beautiful. I quickly looked at Niall who looked surprised over her beauty but smiled when she offered her hand.

" Hi, nice to finally meet you" She said and shook Niall's hand. Then she took mine and smiled.

" Yeah, you too" I said. I was gonna like her. She looked at Harry who was smiling. She turned around and sat down in her seat.

" Damn Harry, she's gorgeous" I whispered to Harry before I sat down next to Niall. Harry smirked.

" I know right?" 

I greeted the rest with a hug accept for Brittany who chose to take my hand instead. Louis looked away embarrassed when she handed me her hand.

" It's okey" I mouthed Loui when I sat down. He nodded his head, still embarrassed. Why?

We talked and soon Zayn disappeared in the kitchen to get the food ready.

" Alright, dinner is served" He said and offered us to sit down.

" Looks delicious as always Zayn" I said as I sat down next to Liam and Niall.

" Thank you Marissa, I had to do all the cooking after you moved out" Zayn said and looked at Harry.

" Hey ! I help you sometimes" Harry said offended and we all laughed.

It was a great time we spend together and after helping out cleaning after the dinner we decided to out and find some good club.

" Sounds great, haven't been out for a long time " Louis said excited and grabbed his jacket.

" M-hm ! " Brittany said and stung her elbow in Loui's side.

" What?" Louis said and rubbed his side. She looked at her stomach. I looked at Niall whose face got red. What was he hiding. I didn't need to ask Niall, Louis said something.

" I can't" He said and looked down.

" Why not?" Ally asked surprised. She flipped her hair so it went behind her short middle jacket. 

" I'm not just in the mood for clubbing" Brittany said and took Loui's arm and smiled.

" Well, are you Louis?" Zayn asked pissed. He didn't like Brittany at all. She was very pretty he thought but her soul was ...well, he didn't think that she had one.

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