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His Queen, Her Beast✔ by dayyyyydreamerrr
His Queen, Her Beast✔by Chasing dreams
#1 in hot "You are just mine and soon you are going to be my queen just make these words imprinted in your head and I will do anything to make this happen". L...
Mafia king//Taehyung FF//Completed by TWICEwithONCE9
Mafia king//Taehyung FF//Completedby the Drama of Shampoo
~Completed~ It's shit, and it's the first ff I have ever written and I legit started writing it at 3 am bc I couldn't sleep. "look at me, kitten" "you wil...
FANATIC by NiranjanaNepol
FANATICby Niranjana Nepolean @ Amutha T...
Hot sunlight was burning the Lucknow people. A man who had a dashing look, well-gelled hair, wearing Ray-ban coolers was sitting in the car. His focus was on a particula...
Manan was college time love birds who breakup during there farewell. One day, one small little girl who came to Cabir Malhonthra (manik younger brother and nandini' s be...
Manan Dil Tujhko Chahai (watty 2019)  by lovelylittlefairy
Manan Dil Tujhko Chahai (watty Asha
Highest rank:- #1 in Crazylove Girl have big crush on boy Boy doesn't give damn Girl is bold and outspoken Boy is reserve person She is crazy He is silent but violent S...
A Royal's Love by Abha3006
A Royal's Loveby Abha Dikshit
Ranvijay Pratap Singh Rathore ....A 26 yr old from one of the most powerful royal family of Rajputs...though the country got independence and monarchy ended...but Rathor...
In love with Mr. spoiled Brat by ISHIKAGUPTAanShu
In love with Mr. spoiled Bratby Stars & Fireflies❣️
can't describe peep in to know more #1 in #madness on 30 May 2021❤️ #7 in #madness on 29 May 2021🖤
The Alpha's Daydream ✔️ by SeaOfGlass
The Alpha's Daydream ✔️by Kiana Rose
I'm not sure I should be telling you this. Everyone else says I'm crazy, but you're my mate so I'll just say it anyhow. I have visions. And I've seen you die. _____ Alph...
Madness Combat x Reader [Headcanons] by WeLikeYaCutG
Madness Combat x Reader [ kim.
Just your favorite Madness Combat character x you! Nothing really, I'll try to make the reader gender neutral.
Hank x Reader ( Madness combat ) by Alex_Afton_
Hank x Reader ( Madness combat )by Alex Madness
OKAY SO AFTER HOURS OF RESEARCH I CAN MAKE THIS BOOK! Idk what I am going to do with this but whatever it may just become all the characters x reader idk guess we will...
Tricky x Reader (ONESHOTS) by whittyowo
Tricky x Reader (ONESHOTS)by sukunaissohot
I SIMP HIM teehee. Made this cause i got boreeeddd.. Hehe.
Enhypen x Reader { Vampire FF }  by IISunooII
Enhypen x Reader { Vampire FF } by IISunooII
Y/N is a very young student who lives with her aunt and cannot afford to pay maintenance in the House. She works part-time as a waitress. However, in search of her happi...
Gothic Romance - (LGBT) by elveloy
Gothic Romance - (LGBT)by L.V. Lloyd
It was pitch black outside, the only light came from the lantern at the front of the coach, bobbing crazily over the road. The coach picked up speed again, and Jonathan...
| Madness combat x reader ▸One-shots [CLOSED] | by B1GD4DDY999
| Madness combat x reader ▸ Author
[REQUESTS ARE CLOSED!] One-shots of various madness combat characters. You, as the neutral reader, now can be with the men of your dreams! Well..some aren't exactly men...
Madness combat x reader oneshots (Taking requests) by madnesscombatlovr
Madness combat x reader oneshots ( Arsonia 420
Wew a madness combat oneshot book Please send me requests I would appreciate that I do all the genres but I'll think about lemons, I'm not quite good at those. I really...
Madness  (18+) by emjaywrites
Madness (18+)by Em Jay
Doc Vineson was a flame. Isis wanted to burn. Chaos ensued.
Silence is a deadly thing. (Naruto Fanfic) by MizukoWaterchild
Silence is a deadly thing. ( MizukoWaterchild
(HIGHEST RATING: #1 in Naruto) "Sairen are known for being incredibly aggressive and protective when the time calls for it. Back when the Third Shinobi War was go...
The Mafia God (Crazy Mafia series Book 2) by MedievalTomboy
The Mafia God (Crazy Mafia Lady Prim
"My Lord!" She gasped when she saw a deep wound on my hand and ran to me with quick steps. The rain was nonstop and it was thundering terrifically but the girl...
Sweet Madness (Editing)✔️ by Ariana_Godoy
Sweet Madness (Editing)✔️by Ariana Godoy
(2012 Watty Award Winner for Most Popular in Horror) Angeles has a dull life. There is nothing exciting or thrilling about her. However, that was until she met him. He w...