Chapter 29- Play along.

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" Oh my god ! Congratulations love ! " Ally almost yelled as she hugged me.

" No, I'm not sure" I said when she let me go. Ally's smile disappeared.

" What do you mean? this is a good thing, right?" Ally asked. 

I whish. But I didn't have a time for another baby, not now. Maybe after 2 years, or when all of this was over. And what if Niall felt the same way? I would be throwing a bomb at him. What if he would leave ? 

" You are thinking about Niall aren't you?" Ally asked and smiled a warm smile.

I nodded my head and looked at Ally.

" What if he will leave? What if he doesn't want another baby, what if 1 was enough for him?" I wanted to keep asking because I wanted answer but Ally stopped me by taking my hands.

" You are putting more than enough "what if" in there. There is no "what if". Niall isn't gonna leave you. He married you because he loves you, and I've seen him with Amelia, and god knows how much he loves her. So please, put it on a tape when you tell him the news, because I would love to see Niall cry and pee in his pants because of excitement" Ally said. 

Holy jesus Harry Edward Styles is lucky to have her. She's simply amazing and with that little speech I got to calm down a little.

" Thank you Ally, and I will" I said and hugged her. We laughed.

" Come on, let's go and celebrate with Brittany and Louis...a little baby boy? can you imagine?" Ally said as we walked hand in hand into their little room.

Zayn's P.O.V

" What are you doing?" Lenny asked. I didn't wanna turn around. I just stared at her in the mirror. It was like a cold nightmare, getting caught like this. Why didn't Andrea call me?  I slowly turned around.

Lenny was few meters away from me, standing with her hands crossed.

" Are you gonna answer or do I have to call the police?" She asked impatient.

" He's here to pick me up" Andrea was behind me. I turned around surprise and saw her smiling.

" What?" Lenny asked pissed and glanced at Andrea who took my hand. What was going on?

" Since Marissa and Niall aren't home, Zayn asked me to join him for a dinner...and maybe more" Andrea whispered the last words in a flirting tone.

I looked at Lenny who was getting red in the face.

" Andrea, dear, can I talk to you for a second" Lenny said between her closed teeth's. Andrea nodded her hand and together they left the room.

I took a deep breath. That was close. But now my plan was ruined. I stuck the letter in my pocket and waited.

Few minuets later Andrea told me that they should leave the house. Everything had been take care of.

Andrea closed the door behind us and took my hand as we started walking.

" What are you doing?" I asked and took my hand away from hers.

" I'm sure she's watching us so take my hand" She said without looking at me. I did what she said.

" Why didn't you call me" Now I didn't bother looking at her.

" You forgot your phone" She answered shortly.

I rolled my eyes. Of course I did. We were close to the house when I remembered.

" You left Amelia alone?" I stopped and looked at her.

" Oh please, she is fast asleep" Andrea said smiling.

" Niall and Marissa are very protective of I wouldn't let them hear you if I was you" 

Andrea laughed softly. She looked me in the eyes and took one step closer to me.

" What are you doing?" I asked but couldn't resist but look at her pink lips who were covered with lip gloss. When did she have time for that?

" Kiss me" She whispered and started playing with the buttons on my shirt.

" No" I answered. She stopped doing what she was doing and looked at me.

" Lenny is watching us, if we are gonna fool her we have to play it kiss me like you really mean it, and like you have wanted to do that since we first met"

Was she meaning this? 

" It's for Niall" She said.

" What about Marissa?" I asked. Andrea sighded.

" For her too, do it" 

And I did. I wanted to push her away right away but this was getting too good. She wrapped her hands around my neck and started moaning softly.

" Do  you think that she's still looking?" I asked when I stopped the kiss.

" Just keep kissing me Niall" She said and was about to place her lips against mine when I backed off.

" Alright this is enough" I said and unwrapped her hands that were still on my neck.

" What? Where are you going?" She asked when I opened the door to the house.

" Andrea, this was nice and all that but....I think that you are getting out of your head..." I said and looked around. I felt sorry for her.

" What do you mean?" She hissed. I was took by surprise. Someone was getting angry.

" He's never gonna love you Andrea" I said. It felt bad saying that. No one wants to hear that but she had to. Niall wasn't gonna leave Marissa for someone like Andrea. I'm sure.

" You don't know that ! He's gonna leave her and that stupid little kid, remember my words" Andrea said.

She said enough. I backed away and slammed the door.

Before I turned around I opened the door again.

" Never call Amelia stupid...she's brilliant" Then I slammed it again.

I didn't realise that I made the only person that could possible help us to get rid of Lenny , angry. 

Another chapter will come today or first thing in the morning ! I have a reason to make that one short ! Lots of love !

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