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Wrapped Around My Finger by travelghost
Wrapped Around My Fingerby Traveller Ghost
Beca is new to the Bellas and is staying firmly by Amy's side. Chloe finds the new girl cute and decides she wants a part of that. Chloe makes Beca flustered, which she...
fingers ʸᵐⁿ by daisyoon
fingers ʸᵐⁿby elmo on crack
"anyone would die to hold those beautiful hands of yours" start: 160807 end: 161122 editing: 190102-190103 ©daisyoon lowercase intended
I'll save you -Sequel of Save me from my own destruction( Niall Horan)Book nr.2 by akinoreV0707
I'll save you -Sequel of Save me akinoreV0707
Book nr. 2/3 Remember Marissa and Niall? Last time you heard about them they were having their first baby and Niall had just proposed. Now 3 happy, good years later they...
Trapped -One Direction ANTI-FANFIC Horror- [Completed] by MadInsidiousSheepGrl
Trapped -One Direction loli
One Direction ARE the biggest thing right now. No exceptions, no arguments. And it's pretty obvious that their fans can get pretty... Obsessive. The boys may be supersta...
a grandpa the boyfriend and me  by daddydanielswife
a grandpa the boyfriend and me by daddydanielswife
just a L.A girl and her visit to grandpas house
The Not So Pageant Girl (On Hold) by writetillyoudrop
The Not So Pageant Girl (On Hold)by Cassandra
"Hannah? What is this Box Beauty Pageant?” I interrupted. Hannah and Helen seemed surprised that I snapped out of my gaze. “Oh my gosh, Tori, you don’t know what th...
Bts{smut} jimin! by MilevenWhore
Bts{smut} jimin!by kissers
Hey, hey now I know you love BTS but you have to be MATURE enough okay? Lol okay well enjoy the book. Um okay guys its 2 years later and I am so sorry for this monster...
The Red String of Fate by theadultwannabe
The Red String of Fateby theadultwannabe
The red string of fate , also referred to as the red string of marriage, and other variants, is an East Asian belief originating from Chinese legend and is also used in...
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Dark Lines, light insides. by Randomsimplolhaha
Dark Lines, light 🤠Rye the wheat woman🤠
You've been feeling odd in the past few weeks, but, you wait it out, a big mistake, but who am I to spoiler, eh, Let's start the Journey.
All Might x deku yummm ;))) by Moonljoon
All Might x deku yummm ;)))by Moonljoon
Warning (hard s*x) Deku got in some certain situation 😉
Random Fact Of The Day!!!!! by FearNot
Random Fact Of The Day!!!!!by drea
Funny random facts:)
Smokin' Lady Fingers by LorenzoOrzari
Smokin' Lady Fingersby Lorenzo Orzari
How could he leave his wife, alive or in memory, when she is with him at the beach... on or under the sand?
smiling for you (kalbert) by chloelauu
smiling for you (kalbert)by chloe
2 people that know each other since kindergarden and as they grew up they realized they have feelings for each other. What will happen? will they break up or be destined...
Bathroom Stall Orgasms by paperrclit
Bathroom Stall Orgasmsby paperrclit
Two bestfriends want to have fun with eachother. They both are gay.
「 t r y s t 」 by kamoyu
「 t r y s t 」by yvon.
- "do you need something? i'm busy." - "you. you're all i need." - "don't lie to yourself." lower-case intended, slightly angsty, mature la...
South by tyikakocyk81
Southby tyikakocyk81
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Coffee by stichid1928
Coffeeby stichid1928
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Bowl by metho2001
Bowlby metho2001
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