Love, Anonymous by EverlarkCatoniss
Love, Anonymousby Liz
*COMPLETED* "I just want to know why." I say as I turn over, trying to find his figure through the dark of my room. "Why what?" He asks. "Why...
  • good-guy
  • badboy
  • truth
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Notes By Chloe by ThatReeader
Notes By Chloeby Aria May
❝I'll post a note in his locker everyday - well, as often as I can.❞ Meet Mason Matthews; formerly popular, loner, in Chloe's words "a hottie" and reserved. N...
  • hate
  • chloe
  • posted
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Fangirl [SEBASTIAN STAN] [1] ✓ by rebelspies
Fangirl [SEBASTIAN STAN] [1] ✓by j e d i m a s t e r
"i love you Sebastian, but i cant tell you who i am." [Social Media] Highest Ranking: #652 on 9/6 Text copyright © rebelspies™2017 ALL RIGHTS RESERVED
  • chrisevans
  • tonystark
  • elizabetholison
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Once In A Lifetime [SEBASTIAN STAN] [2] ✓ by rebelspies
Once In A Lifetime [SEBASTIAN STAN...by j e d i m a s t e r
[SEQUEL TO FANGIRL] "Once in a life time, you find that perfect someone and I just happened to let her slip through my fingers." In which Sebastian Stan makes...
  • robertdowneyjr
  • writing
  • elizabetholison
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Dear Severus Snape (Snarry Fanfiction)  by always01kate
Dear Severus Snape (Snarry Fanfict...by Always_Kate
(140,000+ words) In the aftermath of war, Harry tries to pull his life back together. Guilty of all the blood on his hands, he seeks a way to deal with his grief. He be...
  • severussnape
  • dracomalfoy
  • happyending
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feelings (woochan) by BLUESIDE-
feelings (woochan)by a.
|| "why do i feel like this?" || - letters from chan to woojin - ranks: #18 in short story #15 in emotions #9 in l...
  • woochan
  • letters
  • chrisbang
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An Estranged Wife by TunesOfHeart
An Estranged Wifeby Neha
Marriages are made in heaven but broken on Earth. The reasons are infinite, but have we wondered the impacts, a broken marriage leaves on a woman. Join me in this heart...
  • wife
  • husband
  • broken
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Love, Laleh by simonesaidwhat
Love, Lalehby simone shirazi
a love that lasts more than just 1001 nights [book #2.5 in the Fairytale Series - bonus chapters for Arabian Nights, which must be read first] © 2017 simonesaidwhat
  • anbonus
  • arabiannights
  • laleh
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Letters to the Stranger [BWWM] by Stars-vs-Chocolates
Letters to the Stranger [BWWM]by Angel
Meet Halle. A brilliant young black woman with a passion for writing. When Halle first left school, she'd had aspirations of pursuing her longtime dream only to wound up...
  • strangers
  • interracial
  • billionaire
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Forever Lyla (Rewriting) by UnsinkableShips
Forever Lyla (Rewriting)by sarah douglas
When Renner falls in love with the pretty girl in his history class, the last thing he expects is for her to notice him, particularly when, at first, all she seems to se...
  • youngadult
  • angst
  • letters
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Her Diary  by sihyun1013
Her Diary by 권시현
cover credit : @SWMonstur A girl who was dead, and her diary was found and read by her ex boyfriend jungkook Reading it makes him realize how stupid he is and he regret...
  • regret
  • letters
  • jeonjungkook
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The Alphas Daughter by CCJB2014
The Alphas Daughterby CCJB2014
When Aprils pack was attacked unexpectedly she is separated from her father, the alpha. Since she is only 5 she couldn't fight against these wolves, and when one wolf at...
  • girlonfire
  • return
  • love
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yours truly | vmin by pocketseok
yours truly | vminby 莉 🌙
❝ can't we just exchange numbers? ❞ ❝ it makes me happy when I get letters from you. ❞ a story in which students from different schools are forced to write letters to ea...
  • idols
  • kpop
  • namjoon
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to kim taehyung | v by khyunism
to kim taehyung | vby mae
a story of two separated childhood friends, reunited as idols with their agencies in war © khyunism
  • letters
  • taehyung
  • bts
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Florets / Reddie by justmightcry
Florets / Reddieby Grace
Highest Ranking: #1 in poetry [16/05/18] "There are times I want to tell you how I truly feel." [Completed]
  • shortstory
  • letter
  • finnwolfhard
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It's Okay || l.h [completed] by thisisall4you
It's Okay || l.h [completed]by ^.^
"If you're reading this, call me. Tell me that it's okay." A girl finds a journal belonging to one of our world's most loved celebrities, but is it what she wo...
  • letters
  • diary
  • lukehemmings
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Dear Bully, Dear Victim. by mikaeladurante
Dear Bully, Dear Victim.by mikaeladurante
This is a book about a Victim's P.O.V and a Bully's P.O.V. They both write letters to each other. Everyday. It helps them say or tell things they can't tell others. The...
  • bully
  • victim
  • letters
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Sincerely Yours || harlena  by harry_his_curls
Sincerely Yours || harlena by Yricka
~~ A story in which a girl receives a letter from an anonymous writer. ~~ All Rights Reserved. .... Achievements: #1 in Anonymous - 5/11/18 #3 in Harlena - 5/11/18
  • selenagomez
  • letters
  • styles
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Dear Girl, [Part 1] by Cami_Writes
Dear Girl, [Part 1]by Dead Inside
[[Love how you want to love and love who you please]] [[This book is about two girls falling in love so if that is something that offends you.. bye]] [[Updates Sporadica...
  • blue
  • abuse
  • pansexual
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pen pals | yoonmin by cuddlykihyun
pen pals | yoonminby -mia
they fell in love through letters [lower case intended;for translates message me;plagiarism is a crime;]
  • letters
  • bts
  • yoongi
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